Two 18-year-old New York teenagers have been arrested for allegedly tearing down posters of hostages kidnapped in the Israel-Hamas war last night. 

Charlotte Wimer and Gray Segal were arrested last night for supposedly tearing down posters outside a private property in Gramercy Park. 

The posters were of 240 Israeli children and adults kidnapped by the terrorist group. Officials have charged both suspects with criminal mischief. 

The wall of the privately-owned building was covered in red and white signs with the word ‘KIDNAPPED’ written above photographs of the missing hostages, as well as posters of the Israeli flag. 

Charlotte Wimer and Gray Segal were arrested last night for supposedly tearing down posters outside a private property in Gramercy Park in NYC

Charlotte Wimer and Gray Segal were arrested last night for supposedly tearing down posters outside a private property in Gramercy Park in NYC

A video shared by an X user shows being torn and in shreds while Wimer and Segal are in handcuffs.

Photographs show new posters being stuck to the 201 East 23rd Street property wall again by supporters the next day. 

Posters highlighting the Jewish plight have been plastered all across the Big Apple as a way to draw attention to their distressing situation.

Gramercy Park is in Manhattan and is popularly known for its historic architecture, which includes beautiful brownstones, mansions, and townhouses. 

The news comes a week after two young women were caught on camera tearing down posters of Israeli child hostage while screaming ‘f***k Israel’. 

Sisters Aya and Dana were seen ripping up notices placed around Broadway and 79th Street on the Upper West Side, New York.

They were confronted by passerby Marilyn Adler, walking down the street with her two daughters. When Adler urged them to stop tearing the posters, the duo launched a torrent of abuse against them. 

Footage shows one of the sisters yelling, ‘f***k you, f***k Israel’. The other woman said, ‘f***k you, b***h’

‘They didn’t let me get a word out. They said it was Israeli propaganda. They said Israel made up the hostages with AI,’ Adler’s daughter, Melissa, told the New York Post

‘I said, ‘Please have a conversation with me’. They wouldn’t stop screaming at me. They just cursed me out and screamed at me. I was just stunned.

‘They looked at me with eyes full of hatred. They hate me simply because I’m a Jew. They don’t even know me.’ 

After the video went viral on Twitter, father Hasan Bakaret, who immigrated from Lebanon to New York more than 35 years ago told the Post that he did not teach them about the religion aspect of the Israel-Palestine conflict.  

‘Coming to America now, they are good girls. I used to teach them but never mentioned the religion. It’s not about Jewish and Muslim. It’s about land, power and who can control,’ he said. 

‘And now my daughters are watching pictures of babies dying, buildings collapse on people. It does something.’ 

Bakaret told the publication that he spoke with his daughters after their confrontation. While he disapproved of their offensive language, he insisted that the pair are not anti-Semitic and that their actions were taken out of context.

He claims that Adler had provoked his daughters and that she had snatched a photo of a dead Palestinian baby from Aya’s hand.

‘I know my daughter shouldn’t curse F-words, but at the same time, I wanted to understand. They said ‘Dad, it’s not true what they are saying, it started this way and ended this way, but didn’t show why it happened’.

‘What happened in Manhattan with my daughters, I believe them. The lady provoked them, stole from their hand a picture of the baby and told her ‘this is going to keep happening to you as long as you support these people’.’

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