Follow Mail Sport’s live blog for the US Grand Prix from Austin, as Charles Leclerc starts from pole position as he looks for a first win this seaso, while newly-crowned world champion Max Verstappen starts sixth.

Lap 23/56

Hamilton is flying now on those fresh tires. Leclerc leads but he still hasn’t pitted.

Lap 21/56

Hamilton does now pit as he tells his team he’s struggling. Leclerc leads.

Russell 2nd. Norris 3rd. Verstappen 4th.

Lap 19/56

Hamilton now has a six second lead at the front. He’s yet to pit.

Lap 17/56

Norris goes into the pits, leaving Hamilton to take the lead.

Sainz and Perez also go in.

Lap 15/56: Norris struggling

Norris tells his team he’s struggling with the balance of his car.

Maybe the tires are getting a little bit tired.

The gap between him and Hamilton is now under two seconds.

Lap 13/56

Hamilton is closing the gap on Norris at the front.

Alonso is making progress. He’s one place outside the points.

Lap 11/56: Verstappen passes Leclerc

A good battle between the two drivers but the world champion does eventually get past to move into 3rd.

Lap 10/56: Piastri out

Massive problems from the McLaren driver. He’s told to retire the car.

Lap 8/56

The race has settled down now.

Zhou is the first driver into the pits as he looks for the undercut.

Lap 6/56: Hamilton 2nd

Hamilton passes Leclerc with ease to move behind race leader Norris.

The McLaren driver’s lead is at nearly 4 seconds.

It’s another DNF for Ocon, whose race is over.

Lap 5/56: Hamilton up to 3rd!

The Mercedes driver passes Sainz and Verstapen then does the same.

The old rivals sit 3rd and 4th.

Lap 3/56

Norris is flying at the front. Nearly three seconds ahead of Leclerc already.

Russell gets past Ocon into 7th, Perez then does the same and slots into 8th.

Lap 1/56: Norris takes the lead!

Norris gets away quicker than Leclerc and steals the lead!

Verstappen up to fifth already.

The two Ferraris sit in 2nd and 3rd.

Time to warm the tires

Leclerc leads the cars away. It’s a lovely day at the Circuit of the Americas.

Leclerc ready to go

15 minutes to go

Norris and Russell joining the 100 club

The two Britons are making their 100th race start in Formula 1 at the United States Grand Prix.

Verstappen coming off the back of sprint win

Max Verstappen won perhaps the most pointless Formula One race ever staged in baking Austin last night, a 19-lap sprint that is the smallest footnote in his season par excellence.

With the Red Bull star having wrapped up his third successive title in Qatar a fortnight ago, the remainder of the calendar is something of an anti-climax, but this format especially exacerbates the predicament.

The grid

1) Charles Leclerc

2) Lando Norris

3) Lewis Hamilton

4) Carlos Sainz

5) George Russell

6) Max Verstappen

7) Pierre Gasly

8) Esteban Ocon

9) Sergio Perez

10) Oscar Piastri

11) Yuki Tsunoda

12) Zhou Guanyu

13) Valtteri Bottas

14) Daniel RIcciardo

15) Alex Albon

16) Logan Sargeant

Pit start) Nico Hulkenberg*

Pit start) Fernando Alonso*

Pit start) Lance Stroll*

Pit start) Kevin Magnussen*

Both Aston Martins and both Haas cars start from pit lane after making car changes overnight

Good evening!

And welcome to Mail Sport’s live coverage of the US Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc is on pole with the race starting at 8pm.


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