Find out “How Old Is Aubin Wise Age?” She’s the star of First Kill. She’s a stage actress. She is a mother. She is a dog mother. Aubin Wise is talented, and her fans want to know more about her. Her fan base as an actress has been growing tremendously since she took on the role of Talia Burns. The only problem is that Aubin Wise is a private woman who shares very little about her personal life. So, who is she?

How Old Is Aubin Wise Age? 10 Untold Facts About The Star Explored

1. Aubin Wise is a Broadway Star

Before anything else, she is a stage actress. Those who work on television or the in movies will tell you that stage acting is difficult to work. You get one shot to get it right. And, you better get it right. You’re in front of a live audience. She is most famous for her role in Broadway’s Hamilton, one of the most famous productions of all time.

2. She is an Avid Traveler

There is an old saying about all work and no playing making people dull. Aubin Wise is anything but dull. She works hard, but she plays hard, too. She’s an avid traveler. When she is not at work, and she has the time, she’s somewhere in the world exploring. It’s a gift to be able to see the world. To learn about new cultures, experience new things, and take in the sights and beauty is a lovely thing.

3. She’s Got a Big Role on Netflix

Ten years ago, no one understood the significance of this. 2022 is different, though. Being a Netflix star is a big deal. In fact, it might be the biggest deal. She’s got a job on Netflix starring in the hit First Kill. She’s all about vampires, and we know vampire shows always do well.

10 Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Aubin Wise – Credit: @aubinwise

4. She’s a Trained Dancer

Part of her charm and her allure is her talent. She’s not only talented as an actress, but she is also talented as a dancer. She was trained in the art of dancing and is also a trained singer. Both of these skills allowed her to bring her career on stage. You almost always have to be able to both sing and dance on top of acting to land a role in a production such as Hamilton.

5. She Began her Career as a Model

Before she took on any acting jobs on stage or on television, she was a model. Of course, she’s lovely. She could model for anyone. Modeling allowed her to get her foot in the door. It also allowed her to make a living while auditioning for different acting jobs.

6. She Starred in Hamilton Before Her Broadway Run

Here’s a fun fact about Aubin Wise. Her role in Broadway’s Hamilton was not her first time in the production. She played the same character before her role on Broadway when she was in Chicago. Something fascinating is that Chicago is also a considerable theater town, so this is a big deal. It speaks tremendously of her talents.

7. She Has the Cutest Co-Star in the World

It’s a fact, too. Not everyone says they’ve gotten to co-star in a project with the cutest boy in the world – but she does. She gets to say it because she’s a mother who gets to star with her son in a commercial. He was a toddler when they worked together. As a mother, she has every right in the world to think her adorable son is the cutest because he is a cutie. His name is Kai James. She also has a dog named Jag, and he’s also pretty cute.

8. How Old is Aubin Wise Age?

How Old Is Aubin Wise Age – She’s a born and raised 80s baby. This means she’s in her 30s – but only because she was born in the late 80s. Her official date of birth is May 8, 1988. What we don’t know is where she was born.

Credit: @aubinwise

9. She is the Proudest Mother

Aubin Wise has a little boy, which you already know. However, it’s worth pointing out that her son is the most critical aspect of her life. She loves being a mother. She loves spending time with her son and being present in his life. It’s a gift and an honor to her.

10. She’s a High School Drop Out

At the end of the day, people frown upon those who drop out of high school. While we don’t know the history there, we can tell you that leaving high school in her sophomore year was calculated. She wanted to focus on her acting. It’s also important to point out that she did obtain a high school diploma at some point. We know this because she graduated from college with honors. She attended the Berklee College of Music, a famous institution of higher learning in Boston. Home 

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