Illness: Stephen A Smith Sick With Covid Again – Since When? Stephen A Smith, the host of ESPN, is ill. For the second time, he is battling the illness Covid.

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith revealed he was in the midst of his second COVID-19 battle during an unexpected absence from the show.

He is a sports journalist, radio host, and television host from the United States. Along with Molly Qerim, he is a pundit on ESPN’s First Take. He frequently appears on SportsCenter as an NBA expert.

Smith contributes to NBA Countdown and other NBA shows on ESPN. On ESPN Radio, he hosted The Stephen A. Smith Show. Smith writes for and The Philadelphia Inquirer on a regular basis.

Beginning in 2014, he has appeared in several Oberto all-natural beef jerky commercials as “The Little Voice in Your Stomach,” sharing the screen with renowned sports icons such as Richard Sherman, Louie Vito, Richard Sherman, and notable basketball sportscaster Vitale.

Quick Fact On Stephen A Smith

Name Stephen Anthony Smith
Born October 14, 1967
Age 55 Years Old
Occupation Sports television personality
Education Winston-Salem State University
Wife Janet Smith
Daughter 2
Net Worth $16 million

Is Stephen A Smith Sick With Covid Again?

ESPN Stephen A Smith is sick and has been battling an illness since October 2022.

The ESPN talking head Stephen A Smith revealed his diagnosis of Covid on Twitter and appears to be in good health, although being disappointed about missing work. However, his vaccination prevents him from experiencing too much pain.

Smith tweeted the information and that he was feeling better than the last time he had COVID. He then made fun of the First Take replacements he had for the day.

Illness: Stephen A Smith Sick With Covid Again - Since When? Health Update
Stephen A Smith is sick because of covid ( Source : nj )

Smith previously expressed his reservations about the vaccine, but he later changed his mind after being convinced by a doctor that getting the shot was the best option. Despite his own terrifying COVID experience, Smith remained a staunch supporter of the vaccination, spreading the myth that the shot saved his life.

During a recent interview on Bill Maher’s show, he expressed gratitude for his decision to get vaccinated, but he questioned whether it was beneficial to him given his close call with COVID despite receiving two vaccinations. Smith should recover much faster from his second virus case and be back on the air soon.

Stephen A Smith Illness And Covid Update

Stephen A Smith has fallen ill with Covid for the second time in two years.

The first time he had Covid, he battled Pneumonia.

Smith’s initial Covid infection forced him to go off the air for nearly a month. When he returned, the host of First Take revealed harrowing details about his potentially fatal experience with COVID.

He had a 103-degree fever every night. Smith told First Take that after his first run-in with COVID in late January, he “woke up with chills and a puddle of perspiration.” He was coughing a lot and had severe headaches.

And it got to the point where he was in the hospital from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day, just before the holiday.

Smith continued, “It was that bad.” He had pneumonia in both of his lungs. His liver was malfunctioning. And it ruined him to the point where the doctor still has to limit his volume, go to the gym every day, walk before running, and work his way back.

Smith entered the soccer coverage area on June 10, 2021, saying, “Let’s do that soccer.” On June 14, 2021, after recuperating from his illness, Smith chose a Euro2020 squad and followed this up with another soccer piece titled “Ain’t No Way.”

Did Stephen A Smith Daughter Pass Away?

Stephen A Smith’s daughter did not pass away. However, he did lose his mother, Janet Smith, in June 2017.

Smith is the father of two daughters, Samantha and Nyla, and they are both healthy. They do not appear out in public much often and are content with being kept away from the prying eyes of the media.

Smith, a hard-working man, doesn’t seem to be the kind to wallow in what he may consider emotional foolishness. His girls, though, manage to get past his stern façade.

When Smith’s mother, Janet Smith, passed away due to cancer, he was distraught. The sports pundit countered that his children have given him a new lease on life after her passing and that he is a dedicated family man and father who sets the rules, such as forbidding his daughters from viewing “First Take” without his consent.

The analyst holds the opinion that today’s kids aren’t disciplined enough. However, this belief might not hold given that his two pre-teen daughters, Samantha and Nyla, have him wrapped around their little fingers.

He is the first to acknowledge that his girls have a propensity for undermining his authority. Samantha and Nyla have a way of spinning that idea on its head because they know how much of a control freak he is.

The sports analyst claimed they have a way of softening his sharp edges. According to him, all fathers feel helpless regarding their daughters. When it comes to his daughters, the family man decides to set his ego aside. He understands that he has enough conflict at work and doesn’t need more now.

Some FAQs

How much is Steven’s net worth?

In mid-April 2019 he signed a new deal with ESPN that pays $8 million per year, making him the highest-paid ESPN personality with net worth of $16 million.

Illness: Stephen A Smith Sick?

Yes, Stephen A Smith is sick and has contracted Covid again. He announced on his Twitter that he is suffering from covid for the second time.

Did Stephen A Smith’s daughter pass away?

Stephen A Smith’s daughter did not pass away. He is the father of two daughters, Samantha and Nyla.

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