Is Bruce Whitehead In Jail or Prison Now? Bruce Whitehead, a heinous rapist, has been apprehended in Orange County. Stay with us until the end to find out more about Brutal Rapist Bruce Whitehead.

Deputies in Florida are searching for a man accused of raping and dismembering a woman on Saturday.

The rape in Orange County is believed to have been committed by Bruce Whitehead, 54, who previously served 20 years in prison for rape and attempted murder.

The woman claimed she met Whitehead at the Florida Mall and then traveled with him to various locations.

Whitehead allegedly attempted to kill and rape the victim at their last stop, but she was able to beat him off.

Look closely at this photo of Whitehead because he has several recognizable tattoos, according to the deputies.

Arrested: What Are Bruce Whitehead Charges? Brutal Rapist In Orange County

On Thursday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies had taken into custody a man they described as a “brutal rapist.”

Bruce Whitehead, 54, was detained on Thursday morning after the sheriff’s office claimed to have received a tip.

The victim was allegedly raped and dismembered by Whitehead on December 10 off Pine Hills Road close to North Lane.

Is Bruce Whitehead In Jail or Prison Now?
Bruce Whitehead accused of ‘brutally’ raping, mutilating woman. (Source: WESH)

Sheriff Evan Avila said, “In my tenure here at the sheriff’s office, this is certainly one of the more serious violations.”

When speaking with WESH 2 on Wednesday afternoon, the sheriff’s office corporal with the Sex Crime Unit referred to this case as one of the most awful he has ever seen. Avila added, “He certainly meets my definition of a monster. That’s how I see it.”.

Deputies said that shortly before 4 am on Saturday, December 10, Whitehead abducted, raped, disfigured, and attempted to kill a woman near the intersection of North Lane and North Pine Hills Road.

Is Bruce Whitehead In Jail or Prison Now? Arrest & Charges Update

According to the sheriff’s office, Whitehead was found guilty in Duval County in the 1980s of kidnapping, raping, and attempting to kill another lady. He was freed from prison in 2007 after serving 20 years for the offense.

The victim has been given resources and is anticipated to recover, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. In a press conference, Avila said that after the victim’s escape, onlookers helped her, and they subsequently called the Police.

Police identified the suspect’s car during the inquiry, allowing them to name Whitehead as their suspect. Charges of attempted murder, armed kidnapping, and armed sexual battery have been added to an arrest warrant.

In a 1986 case, Whitehead was previously found guilty of kidnapping, armed sexual battery, and first-degree attempted murder. The rapist was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Police are asking for the public’s help for information on his location.

Brutal Rapist Bruce Whitehead Appearance

Detectives believe Whitehead might have a cheek injury. Although we’re not sure if it’s on the left or right cheek, Avila indicated there might be a mark from her failed escape.

“It’s impossible to miss his tattoos. Call 911 right now if you see him, the OCSO tweeted.

According to the incident report, Whitehead might have been driving a vintage gold vehicle.

Before learning that Whitehead was charged with rape, a lady informed News 6 that she had seen him on Wednesday morning while out for a morning stroll.

Another neighboring woman expressed her opinion that Whitehead should never have been allowed to leave prison in the first place.

The legal system needs to become more “prudent” moving ahead, according to News 6 Law Enforcement Analyst and former Orlando Police chief Orlando Rolon, if problems like these are to be avoided.

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