Is Jeremy Pena Related To Tony Pena?  Jeremy Pena and Tony Pena are the two finest personalities who have established a notable names in MLB. Because of obvious reasons, they are often considered relatives, but they are not related to each other by any means.

Despite being a relatively new face in the league, Jeremy has gained immense popularity and fame because of his in-game activities and capability to smash big home runs.

His presence in the Houston Astros’ team has made them capable of facing every challenging situation and snatching victory from the opponent’s grab. This might be the reason behind the rise in fans’ curiosity to know more about the new MLB star.

Recently, in the Astros’ four-game sweep of the New York Yankees in the ALCS, the young MLB star hit .353 with two home runs and was awarded the series’ MVP. The AL 2022 Gold Glove Award also went to Jeremy for his shortstop performance.

He became the first rookie in Astros history to win a Gold Glove and the first in MLB history to play shortstop and win a Gold Glove. On top of that, he was also selected as the Astros’ Rookie of the Year by the Houston chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

It is insane for a player to grab such accolades in a single year while being a newbie in the league, but Jeremy is the kind of player who possesses the capability of pulling off such actions effortlessly.

Quick Facts

ProfessionMLB Player
Current TeamHouston Astros
DOBSeptember 22, 1997
BirthplaceSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
FatherGeronimo Pena
MotherCecilia Pena
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendVasiliqi Turlla

Jeremy and Tony Pena are not related but share the same athletic background and second name and are from the same country.

Considering the age difference between these two finest individuals, they are considered a father-son duo, but that is only limited to the tales. Jeremy is a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, while Tony hails from Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. These are the two very distinct opposite parts of the country.

Tony has children and is a caring father of three, but Jeremy doesn’t belong on that list. He has helped his sons build a career similar to his and carved their path in such a way that they are renowned baseball players now. He is the father of pitcher Tony Pena Jr. and catcher Francisco Pena, both of whom excel in their respective area. However, Pena Jr. stopped playing and is now the MLB’s Kansas City Royals manager.

Is Jeremy Pena Related To Tony Pena
Despite Sharing Same Athletic Background And Second Name, Jeremy Pena And Tony Pena Are Not Related To Each Other ( Source : espn )

Jennifer Amaris, Pena’s daughter, is the only member of the family to have chosen a career other than baseball. She is at the height of her career in the modeling and fashion industries. She won Miss RD USA 2007 and finished sixth in Miss DR 2008 while representing the Dominican Community in the USA.

On the other hand, Jeremy was raised by his parents, possibly as a single child, as he never discussed his siblings in the media. In 2022, 26 years after his father Geronimo ended his illustrious career in baseball’s major leagues, the rookie shortstop made his MLB debut. As the Houston Astros prepare to play in the 2022 World Series, Jeremy Pena has emerged as the team’s breakout star.

With his father’s athletic background and his mother’s support, Jeremy was destined to become a skilled baseball player. He had amazed everyone in the past while playing in the minor league, and his confidence hasn’t dropped a bit when he is competing in arguably one of the top baseball leagues in the world.

Meet Jeremy Pena’s Parents, Geronimo and Cecilia Pena

Jeremy Pena was born on September 22, 1997, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as the son of his parents, Geronimo Pena and Cecilia Pena.

Geronimo is a retired professional baseball second baseman who competed in MLB from 1990 to 1996 for the St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians. In 1996, he played five games for the Cleveland Indians before announcing his retirement. Gerónimo played in 378 games across seven seasons in the main leagues. With 162 runs scored, 30 home runs, 124 RBI, 54 stolen bases, and 112 walks.

He has guided his child since the start of his journey as a baseball player, and in doing so, the father-son duo have strengthened their relationship and are much closer to each other than usual. Despite having the opportunity to reside in the USA and become an American national, he first chose to represent his birthplace. He immediately returned to his home country, where he started his family.

He was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and when he was nine years old, his family relocated to Providence, Rhode Island. Regardless of where he lived, he always had the support of his parents, and with their help and tremendous effort, he accomplished a lot in his first MLB season.

Pena was the first rookie to earn the AL Gold Glove Award at shortstop that year. He was also selected as the MVP of the American League Championship Series.

Jeremy Pena Has Made His Parents, Cecilia and Geronimo Pena, Proud By Showing Exceptional Performance In MLB
Jeremy Pena Has Made His Parents, Cecilia and Geronimo Pena, Proud By Showing Exceptional Performance In MLB ( Source : youtube )

He replaced two-time All-Star and 2017 World Series winner Carlos Correa in his rookie season in the major leagues, leaving some huge shoes to fill, but rarely has the challenge felt too great for him.

He also had a.426 slugging percentage, 22 home runs, 20 doubles, two triples, 63 RBI, and 72 runs scored during the regular season, which was a team-high for defensive wins above replacement. In his first playoffs, the rookie star has already had a couple of standout performances, one of which occurred in the ALDS Game 3 victory over the Seattle Mariners that sealed the series.

The Astros won 1-0 thanks to a solo home run by the shortstop in the top of the 18th inning. He has a 7-for-20 hitting average with five runs and two RBI through four games of the 2022 playoffs.

Jeremy is also close to his mother, Cecilia, who has spent continuous hours trying to fulfill his requirements while he was busy smashing home runs. He has a unique way of tribute to his mother during game days. The MLB star makes a heart sign with his fingers whenever he pulls out a spectacular show. Fans were initially confused about who he would be dedicating the celebration, but he later revealed in an interview that it was for his mother.

Who Is Jeremy Pena’s Wife?

Jeremy doesn’t possess a wife but is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Vasiliqi Turlla.

The couple appears to have been together for some time, but they haven’t shared any information about how they met. They haven’t disclosed anything about their private lives yet and have decided to keep it a secret. Nowadays, celebrities’ relatives often get tangled in media-related complications after their details are revealed. The couple might be willing not to encounter such a decision and live their personal life in peace.

Despite being the girlfriend of such a famous athlete, Turlla hasn’t let the image of her boyfriend overshadow hers, as she also has built a reputation for her name.

She is a famous track racer from Bangor, Maine, who has participated in multiple events representing her state. Track and field competitor has been competing for more than seven years.

She has been involved with the track for a long time, which has helped mold her into the dependable and sincere person she is now. For all four years of high school, the athlete was a state qualifier for indoor and outdoor track. Turlla is confident that participating in the way at the collegiate level will help her reach her full athletic potential.

The couple occasionally features on Instagram, and whenever they appear together, the comments section of that particular post is showered with lovely comments. Fans love the pair together and expect them to continue their relationship forever and convert it into marriage someday.

Does Jeremy Pena Have Kids?

Jeremy Pena is yet to get married, so he doesn’t have kids as of 2022.

He is still in the earlier phase of his career. For that reason, he only wants to focus on improving his game skill rather than being surrounded by responsibilities. he and his possible future wife, Vasiliqi Turlla, still need to plan their wedding and start their family. However, they have been dating each other for a while now, and the big news might drop anytime.

He enjoys fame and success in MLB, which he has achieved after years of hard work and dedication. He had already started to realize his enormous ambition when he played college baseball for the ‘Black Bears’ while he was a student at the University of Maine.

During that time, he switched sports because baseball suited his strengths and abilities better. Finally, in the third round of the 2018 MLB draft, The Astros chose Pena and assigned him to play in the minor league. His MLB debut, though one of the best in recent memory for any athlete, didn’t happen until 2022. Home Page 

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