Is Kevin Mccarthy Arrested? – Rumors suggested that McCarthy was having an affair with married Republican congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

People assert that McCarthy, who is married, is currently having an affair with Renee Ellmers, a married Republican representative from North Carolina, or that they formerly did.

Right-wing opponents of McCarthy threatened to make this rumor from Capitol Hill chitchat into important news, which ultimately led to his defeat. This explains both his decision to withdraw without asking for a vote and the reason why some people think a candidate with McCarthy-like views could be able to prevail.

McCarthy was selected for the job when John Boehner abruptly announced his desire to resign as speaker on September 25.

Kevin Mccarthy Affair: Rumors Debunked

There were rumors that Renee Ellmers, a married Republican congresswoman, and McCarthy were having an affair.

Charles C. Johnson, a conservative provocateur and blogger known for peddling “whoa if true” quasi-news, posted an article to his website GotNews in January.

Is Kevin Mccarthy Arrested? Affair Rumors Debunked
A picture of Kevin McCarthy and Renee Ellmers (Source:

After that, many reports of the affair on Capitol Hill eventually blended in with other rumors about Congress. If it’s true, it’s obvious to neither Party’s advantage to admit it, but if it’s false, they also wouldn’t be able to refute it easily. 

However, the congressional correspondents for Politico claim that Ellmers has thanked coworkers for their “prayers and support” and that earlier this week, her attorneys sent a cease-and-desist letter to GotNews, the website that first reported the rumors, claiming that they were defamatory.

Is Kevin Mccarthy Arrested?

No, politician Kevin Mccarthy is not arrested. But in 2021, Donald J. Trump gave Representative Kevin McCarthy the order to serve his prison sentence in his place.

Although Trump has categorically denied any wrongdoing, sources familiar with the conversation said that if the current criminal investigation into the Trump Organization “turns nasty,” Trump told the House Minority Leader to be ready to plead guilty.

Despite looking shaken after complying with Trump’s demand, McCarthy presented the best possible face to reporters. He claimed that there was no greater honor than serving a prison sentence for this great man.

However, behind the scenes, congressional sources claimed that McCarthy was attempting to reach a deal where Rep. Elise Stefanik would be sentenced to prison in McCarthy’s place.

Why Did Kevin Mccarthy Lie?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was questioned on why he had lied about wanting to ask then-President Donald Trump to resign in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, during a trip to the US-Mexico border on Monday.

Is Kevin Mccarthy Arrested? Affair Rumors Debunked - Why Did He Lie?
Kevin McCarthy pauses as he addresses the media during a congressional delegation. (Source:

Then he responded by saying that the reporter had never questioned him about that. The night before he published the book, the reporter approached him, and from what he could gather, the reporter claimed to have asked President Trump to resign.

Kevin responded by denying it, which was what he was saying. He added that the current situation was more crucial than a private conversation with about four other people 15 months ago.

He claimed the Times article was entirely inaccurate. However, they had audio of him declaring that he would tell Trump to step down after telling Republican leadership. If McCarthy has a plan for how to handle this mess, it seems to involve spoofing.

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