Is Kodak Black dating Monica? Monica Denise celebrated her 42nd birthday this week with friends and family. Kodak Black, on the other hand, is only 25 years old. Despite their age difference, the two have been spending a lot of time together, leading some to believe they are more than just friends.

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Social media investigators have been putting together clues that have led to the rumors that Monica and Kodak Black might be dating.


Over the past few days, social media has been abuzz with rumors that 42-year-old singer Monice Denise is dating 25-year-old rapper Kodak Black. The rumors began to circulate after the two were spotted together in Black’s car, singing the love song ‘Get You’ by Daniel Caesar


Is Kodak Black dating Monica?

The recent dating rumors between Monica and Kodak Black were sparked by a social media post that Monica shared in her Instagram stories. In the post, Monica shared a picture of her legs crossed with the caption: “On a date…Kinda nervous.” A short time later, she shared a video in which she was standing next to Kodak Black, who was waving a large amount of cash.

Is Kodak Black dating Monica?

Kodak Black also shared the same image on his own Instagram account. The fact that both Monica and Kodak Black shared the exact same image on their respective social media accounts seems to suggest that they were indeed on a date together.


How it’s all started

There have been recent rumors circulating that American rappers Kodak Black and Monica Denise may be dating. The speculation started when Kodak was seen accompanying Monica in a TikTok video where they were dancing to Black’s new release, Spin. In another video, the two can be seen singing Daniel Caesar’s song, Get You, in a car. Although neither Kodak nor Monica have confirmed the rumors, the videos have led many people to believe that they may be romantically involved.


While we don’t know for certain if these rumors are true, it’s possible that something is going on between the two rappers. They appear to have excellent chemistry both on and off camera. Only time will tell whether or not these rumors are true. We can only speculate about what is going on between Kodak Black and Monica Denise until then.

Social media reaction

Social media has elicited both positive and negative reactions from users


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