Is Lauren James Married? The 21-year-old is also known as Chelsea and England right back Reece James’ sister. They have a special brother-sister relationship. Lauren was a Manchester United player until 2021, but she joined Chelsea Ladies on Reece’s recommendation.

Is Lauren James Married? Husband, Ex-Boyfriends, Parents, Family & Siblings

She has made nine appearances as a striker in Chelsea’s traditional blue shirt since then, scoring one goal. Lauren also made her senior England debut after being called up by the women’s national team.

In men’s football, his older brother Reece James is making a name for himself, while Lauren is doing everything she can to make a name for herself in women’s football. Nigel, their father, is overjoyed that both of his children have achieved success at the highest level of football.

As a football coach, Nigel was able to teach Reece and Lauren how to play the game and help them develop their senses. They both began their football careers at the Chelsea Academy when they were young. Lauren transferred to Arsenal’s youth program in 2014, while Reece remained with Chelsea.

Full NameLauren James
Married StatusUnmarried
ParentsNigel and Emma James
Net Worth$1 million

Inside Lauren James Married Life: Husband and Ex-Boyfriends

Lauren James, 21, is not old enough to get married. She is unmarried and does not have a husband.

Even his younger brother, Reece James, who will be 23 in December of this year, has not yet tied the knot. They are still too young and are preoccupied with their footballing career at this point.

Football is Lauren James’s life, and she has lived her life to the fullest as a single woman. During the whole of her time playing football, she has maintained her single status, and she has no plans to start dating any time shortly.

Her precise concentration and unwavering commitment to her job as a football player serve as a role model for aspiring young female football players and spectators. She does not have a partner and prefers to spend her free time with her family and friends rather than with a significant other. Unfortunately, all that can be done for supporters now is wait for her to address the matter publicly.

According to most reports, Lauren James does not have a partner at present and has never discussed any of her exes. However, her followers cannot discover whether or not she is dating someone since she does not post about her private life on Instagram. Everyone hopes that in the not-too-distant future, she will enlighten her admirers about her romantic endeavors.

Footballer Lauren James Parents, Family Life

Lauren James hails from an avid sports family line, including her parents and grandparents.

She is the younger sister of the well-known Chelsea footballer Reece James, who comes from a footballing family. Her father, Nigel, is a UEFA-licensed football coach and has significantly influenced her decision to pursue a career in the sport.

“I am grateful to my Dad for all the time, effort, and love that he has put into my football by coaching me in order that I reach the very best level.” Lauren appreciated her father’s unwavering support in his career.

On the other hand, not a single piece of information can be found concerning her mother. Nevertheless, her mother must have been another one of her rock-solid supports throughout her life.

Lauren James with his father when she signed for Chelsea in 2021.
Lauren James with his father when she signed for Chelsea in 2021. ( Source : bbc )

Lauren is the youngest child of her parents. One of her older brothers is a well-known athlete, and she also has an older brother who is also an older brother. The road to becoming a professional football player was long and arduous for her, but with her parents’ support, the young athlete was able to realize her goal. She started playing football before she was 10, much like her brother, who had started playing while he was still in his early teens.

A recent newcomer to the football community, Lauren has already made quite an impression with her outstanding play. Because she was the youngest kid, she received great attention and affection from her family.

She had two doting brothers and a posse of friends with whom she could enjoy football games. Lauren and Reece have a professional connection that they keep up via social media. She is careful to keep her strong family ties from interfering with her performance on the football field. She has shared a picture of herself with her dad Nigel and brother Reece on Instagram.

Lauren James Has Two Brothers.

Chelsea forward Lauren James has two older brothers. One is Reece James, and the other one is Joshua James.

Reece, a proper Chelsea player, has become a household name, and some even consider him the best right back in the world. Although debatable, he is undeniably among the top RB.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s other brother Joshua is unknown to the world. It is not sure whether or not he is a footballer like the two of them or if he has an entirely different persona.

Although Lauren’s brother is more well-known, many have taken note of her talents. Football fans were thrilled to see her break into the pros. Her father gives her the ongoing advice she needs to improve her game. Nigel James has said on several occasions that he is very proud of his kids. He takes great joy in seeing his children pursue their ambitions and eventually achieve them.

Her brothers taught her the fundamentals of football at home. She found playing challenging since they were older and more skilled than her. She needed to pick things up quickly to keep up with her brothers and avoid being left out. But the bustle of playing with her sibling gave her valuable abilities.

Lauren James and his brother Reece James posing for Chelsea's 2022-23 new kit presentation.
Lauren James and his brother Reece James posing for Chelsea’s 2022-23 new kit presentation. ( Source : instagram )

What Is Lauren James Net Worth? Chelsea Star Salary

As a result of her diligent effort and extensive network, Lauren James has amassed a net worth of $1 million. Meanwhile, his brother Reece reached $10 million in 2022.

Lauren will likely get several sponsorships because her father was one of the most successful football coaches. She recently signed a lucrative deal with Nike Football. Aside from that, she has a long path ahead of her, which indicates that her net worth will grow as she develops her abilities.

The 21-year-old completed her move from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2021. The move was a record cost for the Women’s Super League, but it is now thought that it is simply £50,000 up front with some extras and add-ons to push the deal up to £200,000. The contract includes several bonuses and add-ons.

James has spent the past three seasons playing for Manchester United after his formative years at Chelsea, where he, like his brother Reece, progressed through the club’s development program.

Some FAQs

Is Lauren James married?

No, Lauren James is not married. She is still of young age and more focused on her career as a footballer.

Does Lauren James have a boyfriend?

Lauren James is single and has no boyfriend. Besides, she is coy of sharing her relationship details.

Who are Lauren James parents?

Lauren James was born to Jamaican parents Nigel and Emma James. Her father is a football coach.

How many siblings does Lauren James have?

Lauren James has two elder brothers. Chelsea fullback Reece James and the other one is Joshua James.

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