Is Oleg Astakhov Married To Elina Danilova?  Oleg Astakhov and his wife, Elina Danilova, are a formidable couple in the world of dance. They’ve been married for a very long time.

Is Oleg Astakhov Married To Elina Danilova? Wife, Kid, Net Worth, Family & More

Astakhov is a well-known choreographer and ballroom dancer. He is known for being the winner and finalist of the prestigious US Professional Dance Competition. Furthermore, he positions himself as an expert in teaching basic to advanced Latin American dancing techniques.

Oleg rose to prominence after his social media dancing tutorial videos went viral. Over 46 million people have watched specific TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos. He eventually made a name for himself as an influencer and serial entrepreneur.

His Facebook page, “Dance With Oleg,” has over 730k followers, and he has over 700k Instagram followers. His YouTube channel has over 200 million views and 410k subscribers. With 2.5 million followers across all social media platforms, Astakhov is the most well-known ballroom dancer in the world.

This year, the dance instructor was honored for the release of “Dance With Oleg,” the world’s first monthly subscription Ballroom & Latin dancing educational software.

Oleg Astakhov is also known for his work with celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ariana Grande. He is well-known in Los Angeles, California. Continue reading to find out more about his personal life, including his marital bliss.

Real Name Oleg Astakhov
Age 40
Birthday April 17, 1982
Parents Victor Astakhov, Svetlana Astakhova
Wife Elina Danilova
Siblings Nataliya Abolafty

Is Oleg Astakhov Married To Elina Danilova? Wife Info

Oleg Astakhov has a happy marriage with Elina Danilova. Because of their shared love of dance and fitness, he was able to turn their friendship into marital bliss. However, it is unknown when the couple began dating or married.

The power couple is extremely social on social media. They usually share their dance, particularly on Tiktok, and their videos receive millions of reactions from people all over the world.

Some websites have also linked Astakhov’s name to the legendary dancer Tatiana Pavlova. However, the two are unrelated.

 Who Is Elina Danilova?

Elina Danilova, Oleg Astakhov’s wife, is a fitness expert and life coach. Elina Spray Tan L.A. is her LA spray tan luxury studio.

Vibe, the first remotely controlled Dance Studio and Creative Space in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, is also co-owned by the stunning life coach. Danilova has been involved in life coaching for more than a decade, according to her portfolio.

Danilova is very active on social media, much like her husband. She loves dancing and travelling, as seen in many of her photographs.

Her handle name is elina.danilova7, and her profile has amassed 264 thousand followers.

Danilova is also a popular face on Tiktok, where she is known for sharing various videos. Her handle name is @elina.danilova.

Oleg Astakhov And Elina Danilova Age Difference

The age difference between Oleg Astakhov and Elina Danilova does not appear to be significant. They are of similar ages and look great together.

Astakhov is currently 40 years old. His birthday is April 17 and he was born in 1982. The famous dancer appears to be four or five years younger than his wife, Elina Danilova, who appears to be in her late thirties.

Astakhov was born in Ukraine and raised in the small town of Lutsk. As a child, he excelled at ballroom dancing and won numerous competitions. His numerous victories in the junior and young divisions of the Latin American program also earned him Ukrainian national titles.

Oleg moved to Lublin, Poland, after graduating from high school at the age of sixteen. He was given a scholarship to study at Poland’s prestigious John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). This is most likely where he first met Elina Danilova.

Oleg Astakhov Children: Any Kid Yet?

At the moment, Oleg Astakhov and Elina Danilova do not have any children. There are no images of Astakhov or Danilova with children on their Instagram accounts. As a result, we assume they plan for the ideal time to become parents.

The Fred Astair Arcadia Dance Studio, ViBE Dance Studio, Ballroom Dancing LA Dance Studio, and Beverly Hills Dance Studio are all owned by the power couple.

The couple is currently extremely busy with their respective careers. Astakhov is so preoccupied that he spends the majority of his time coaching his students. Nonetheless, his passion and love for the profession have always provided him with enough energy.

Meanwhile, Astakhov adores children. In his Los Angeles-based dance studio, he has frequently taught schoolchildren of various ages.

Oleg Astakhov Family Details

Oleg Astakhov was born to Ukrainian parents on April 17, 1982, in Los Angeles, California.

His father, Victor Astakhov, served in his country’s military force, while his mother, Svetlana Astakhov, was an experienced hotel administrator. The renowned dance coach also has an older sister named Nataliya Abolafty.

On February 28, 2004, he joined the cast of Bar 4, Poland’s most popular reality television program (polish version of Big Brother). He was the sole contestant who was not a resident of Poland and became one of the show’s most admired contestants.

To learn more about Astakhov, we can tune into his Instagram handle, @oleg_astakhov888. He has amassed a total of 685 thousand followers on the platform.

Oleg Astakhov’s Net Worth In 2022

Oleg Astakhov’s net worth figures are estimated to be in the millions.

The well-known dancer made his riches by competing in and taking first place in many national and international competitions. Additionally, he works as a dancing tutor and receives thousands of dollars from famous people worldwide for his instruction.

Astakhov is the most well-known ballroom dancer globally, with an overall following of 2.5 million on social media.

The dancer also earns from his renowned dance application in the App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, he has released the first ballroom-specific mobile application, “Dance With Oleg”, where he offers 45-minute private dance classes for USD 500.

Oleg relocated to Los Angeles in the United States in 2005. He performed in major American dance competitions as a professional ballroom dancer, winning and placing in the finals. Two years later, the dancer opened his dance school, Ballroom Dancing LA, in Alhambra, California. Eventually, he became the most demanded dance teacher in the United States.

While speaking of accolades, Astakhov has won the US National Professional Rising Star Latin Vice Championship, Millennium Dance Sport Championship Professional Rising Star Champion and Open Professional finalist.

He is also the bronze medalist in the US Open Professional Rising Star. 

Some FAQs

Partner: Is Oleg Astakhov Married To Elina Danilova?

Oleg Astakhov is married to Elina Danilova, with whom he lives in LA, California.

Who Is Oleg Astakhov?

Oleg Astakhov is a renowned professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, instructor, influencer and serial entrepreneur.

Who Are Oleg Astakhov’s Parents?

Oleg Astakhov was born to Ukranian parents- Svetlana Astakhov (mother) and Victor Astakhov (father).

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