Is Raymond Thomas Garner In Jail or Prison? Mustang Teacher Case Update

Is Raymond Thomas Garner In Jail or Prison? – A former student of Raymond Thomas Garner Mustang Teacher is accused of being raped and of engaging in lewd behavior with him.

At Mustang High School, science is taught by Raymond Thomas Garner. He has been a teacher for 33 years.

Since August 1990, Garner has worked at Mustang High School.

Police are looking into the 60-year-old Raymond Thomas Garner, according to Mustang Police Chief Rob Groseclose, who spoke to KFOR.

Police were alerted by a Mustang Police Resource Officer to rumors that a former pupil had an inappropriate relationship with Garner.

Why Was Teacher Raymond Thomas Garner Arrested? 

Mustang High School Raymond Thomas Garner has been arrested for allegedly being involved in sexual activity with a former student, according to Yahoo.

According to Yahoo website, Raymond Thomas Garner of Mustang High School was detained after being accused of engaging in sexual activity with a former pupil.

Raymond Thomas Garner, a 33-year team member at Mustang High School, is accused of several counts of first-degree rape of a former student, making lewd or indecent suggestions or acts to a child, and forceful sodomy.

In a similar vein, the investigation revealed that Garner was having sex with the female student while serving as both her science instructor and National Honor Society advisor.

Chief Groseclose added that the victim provided concrete evidence that helped authorities link Garner to the sex assaults.

The investigation found that the sex acts took place at Mustang High School and Garner’s home in Oklahoma City between 2014 and 2017.

Administrative leave was given to Garner by Mustang Public Schools. He was also apprehended and detained in the Mustang city jail.

On Wednesday afternoon, updates on the situation were given by Mustang Police Chief Rob Groseclose, Mustang Superintendent Charles Bradley, and OSBI Public Information Officer Brook Arbeitman.

According to Groseclose, the department started an investigation on January 27 after school resource officers learned of alleged improper contact between a teacher and a student.

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Mustang Police Department interviewed the reported victim.

According to the authorities, she divulged information about multiple inappropriate sex actions with her former high school science teacher.

The victim also offered tangible proof that connected Garner to the crime.

Is Raymond Thomas Garner In Jail or Prison? Mustang Teacher Case Update

Raymond Thomas Garner is currently confined to the Mustang City Jail.

His charges consist of First-degree Forceful Rape of a Child with Lewd, Indecent Proposals, or Acts of Sodomy.

As per the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the sexual activities took place both at the school and at Garner’s residence in Oklahoma City.

According to Groseclose, quoted in the news release, “it was courageous for this young woman to acknowledge what occurred to her while a student in Mustang.”

Rape is frequently not reported because the victim thinks no one will believe them. It can be harder to come out when a teacher who has a say in a student’s future is sexually abusing her.

An alleged sexual predator is now in custody and cannot harm anyone else because of her bravery.

Superintendent of Mustang Public Schools Charles Bradley stated, “We are startled, dismayed, and appalled at the charges made today against one of our longtime workers.”

Because there is a personnel issue and there is an ongoing investigation, Garner has been suspended.

Not to mention, Wednesday was a “snow day” for Mustang Public Schools, but they promised counselors would be available to both kids and teachers once classes resumed. Home

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