Is Shanaze Reade Married? Shanaze Reade, a former British BMX rider, is seen with her girlfriend, Teddy Edwardes, in the new BBC series Unbreakable.

Comedian Rob Beckett will host a television tournament that resembles a beefed-up version of the now-defunct Mr. and Mrs. game show.

Six famous couples will compete against one another during the competition in various absurd tasks. This exercise aims to determine which team has the healthiest relationship.

And this is not the first time the three times UCI BMX World Championships winner Reade has participated in a television reality show. She also appeared in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins in 2019.

Reade was a significant favorite to win gold at the 2008 Olympics in both the track and BMX competitions; however, she was eliminated in the first round of the BMX competition due to an accident.

In the team sprint competition at the World Championships for track and field, the track cyclist won medals in 2007 and 2008 and silver in 2009. Moreover, she won a gold medal in the BMX World Championships four times in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011, in addition to a silver in 2012.

Full NameShanaze Danielle Reade
Married StatusUnmarried
PartnerTeddy Edwardes
Net Worth$4 million
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Is Shanaze Reade Married? Husband, Partner & Net Worth Details

Insights On Shanaze Reade Girlfriend, Partner And Relationship

Shanaze Reade has been dating her girlfriend, Teddy Edwardes, for quite some time now. Their relationship is going strong.

A surprising number of people get the wrong impression that the two are having a situation adjusting to being in one another’s presence. But they adapted more quickly than anticipated, and a slam to their faces who were pessimistic about their relationship in the future in the first place.

Reade got a lot of help and support from her girlfriend after she announced her retirement from BMX racing in 2017. She declared her intention to retire from competitive cycling in April 2017, shortly after she was released from the elite team of the British Cycling organization.

After hanging up her spurs, she went into the fitness industry. Her retirement years were hampered by episodes of heavy drinking and subsequent weight gain, but she overcame these problems with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Shanaze finally agreed to get professional assistance after being convinced by her girlfriend. There were bottles of alcohol secreted away in various places, she was gaining weight rapidly, and she had erratic mood swings, all telltale indicators of alcoholism.

“I’d go home and tell my partner I’d been to see a specialist who told me I was fine, so what’s the issue?” Reade said about seeing a rehab professional.

Nowadays, the 34-year-old ensures that she has plenty of things to do daily, which helps her avoid getting into trouble. She is excited to talk about her love interests and orientation, which is consistent with everything else she wants to talk about.

After Reade had successfully concealed her connection with her ex-girlfriend from her mother for two years, the revelation came about through text messages. Reade’s mother had been following her daughter’s life closely.

The bike pro was in a relationship with Amanda Barker before her love affair with her current girlfriend, Teddy Edwardes. She even addressed Amanda on Twitter in January 2018 when she tweeted about her support for her. But that did not work out, and Reade is now happy with Teddy.

Shanaze Reade Has A Net Worth Of 4 Million Dollars

Shanaze Reade is a former BMX rider from the United Kingdom with a reported net worth of 4 million dollars.

Even though Reade decided to terminate her sparkling career as a bike racer and win an Olympic medal, Reade continues to have a wide variety of revenue streams, all of which allow her to make a respectable amount of money.

Reade still maintains a stable source of income, which she attributes to the several business endeavors and sponsorship partnerships she has secured, allowing her to make an annual income of around $250,000.

Shanaze Reade, who has been racing since she was ten years old, has had a lengthy and successful career, winning several awards and medals. Specifically, she competed in BMX and represented Great Britain in the 2008 Olympics, when BMX was included for the first time in the Games. To qualify for the 2009 World Championships in Tuned Motorcycle Racing, a rider has to make the British team.

There is no disputing that athletes who have finished their careers may experience feelings of melancholy once they have hung up their shoes for good. They began focusing their whole lives, beginning in their youth, on their chosen professions and are now enjoying the fruits of their career.

Their participation in sports will come to an end if there is no longer a need for them. Specific individuals are able to adapt well and have a relatively easy time transitioning into civilian life. People like Shanaze are examples of those who sort of float about aimlessly and almost drown as a result. She was successful in making things better in the end.

Reade decided to be a fitness coach following her retirement. She is a fitness instructor and brand ambassador for several companies, including HSBC and the West Midlands cycling and walking ambassador.

Moreover, she was named to the Board of Directors for the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, which were held in Glasgow in the year 2020. By June of the following year, she was designated an ambassador for the competition

Is Shanaze Reade Married? Husband or Partner

The gorgeous-looking Shanaze Reade is not yet married. She does not have a husband but does have a partner.

And her name is Teddy Edwardes. However, the Sun has reported that Reade is currently single and seeing anyone; the news was about a year ago. A lot can change in a year.

She was previously dating Amanda Barker in 2018, but it seems like that relationship fell off. Reade is quite discreet about the details of her personal life, which is why and how she broke up with Amanda remains unknown.

“I am so grateful to have such a supportive girlfriend, Amanda Barker. I love you lots!” she tweeted back in 2018. Amanda, similar to her, has not disclosed much about her personal life on social media, and her Instagram account is kept private.

Regarding her current lover, Teddy Edwardes, the creator of LICK and an event organizer, Reade feels as if she has found the ideal companion in her. Edwardes helps manage and handle everything that must be managed and organized for a party she is hosting.

Moreover, Shanaze is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community who uses Instagram @shanazereade to provide motivational messages, workout updates, and photos of her girlfriend and family.

She publishes helpful workout regimens and videos outlining how to conduct exercises safely and properly on her Instagram account and via her training company, “Body Workshop by Shanaze.” Throughout her online presence, Shanaze also creates a genuine feeling of community and brings people together.

Some FAQs

Who is Shanaze Reade girlfriend?

Shanaze Reade’s girlfriend name is Teddy Edwardes. Teddy is an event organizer and the founder of LICK.

Is Shanaze Reade married?

No, Shanaze Reade is not married. However, she is not single either. Reade is in relationship with Teddy.

What is Shanaze Reade net worth?

Shanaze Reade has a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. She currently works as a fitness instructor.

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