Is Trevor Zegras Dating Emma Macdonald? Trevor Zegras, an Anaheim Ducks hockey player, is dating Emma Macdonald. At least, that’s what the rumors say.

Despite being a relatively new player in the NHL, Zegras has become one of the league’s most recognizable faces. He was chosen ninth overall by the Ducks in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Zegras began his NHL career as a center after playing for Boston University during his collegiate years.

He is currently making headlines due to his alleged relationship with well-known internet personality and vlogger Emma Macdonald. People say they’ve seen the rumored couple together several times, and they’re planning to make their relationship public soon.

Emma Macdonald once posted a photo of them kissing. She has hinted on several occasions that she is Trevor’s girlfriend. Trevor’s fans claim that she is desperate for his attention.

However, there hasn’t been a word from Trevor Zegras. Despite several speculations, fans are almost sure that the information is accurate and hope for an official announcement soon.

ProfessionNHL Player
Current TeamAnaheim Ducks
DOBMarch 20, 2001
BirthplaceBedford, New York, U.S.
ParentsGary and Julie Zegras
SiblingsGriffin and Ava Zegras
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendEmma MacDonald (Rumored)

Is Trevor Zegras Dating Emma Macdonald? -Girlfriend

Trevor Zegras girlfriend is rumored to be Emma Macdonald.

Although Emma has hinted she is Trevor’s girlfriend, he has yet to make an official announcement. She comes to all of his games. According to her, Trevor sends her the tickets.

Everything started after a fan posted on Reddit page, macdonaldsisters discussing her closeness to Trevor. The fan said that she is utterly obsessed with the hockey star, and every time she ends up with him, the interaction becomes cringy, and they get a weird vibe from her.

Another follower commented on that post that he believed she was somewhat fixated on him. Due to the hockey season, Trevor spends the months of September through the beginning of May in California. She could not get over him during that time because she also lived nearby.

Multiple fans have commented Emma continuously approaches Trevor to ask to date him because she is eager for an ‘NHL WAG lifestyle.’ According to that fan, when the Bruins play Anaheim, she attends the games, which is inappropriate. The fan continued that she needed to get over herself, and he didn’t believe Trevor would give her tickets and have her show up at the game.

There were other comments as well that discussed the relationship between these two famous personalities. One mentioned that the influencer had posted an image of her kissing Trevor on her VSCO profile. Another person added to that comment, saying she loves to wear Trevor’s BU Hockey sweatshirts with his number on the sleeve, and this fact is obvious to conclude the rumor.

Despite such discussions, none of them have responded to these speculations. However, a video is getting viral on TikTok where Emma blushes when asked about her possible relationship with Trevor. She denied the fact that she was dating the hockey player but also mentioned that she was not dating him yet.

Trevor Zegras Grew Up In A Large Family

Trevor grew up in a family of five led by his parents, Gary and Julie Zegras.

The family possesses Greek ancestry but has spent most of their life in the United States. While growing up, he received immense support from his family, who shaped his path to becoming one of the most famous players in the NHL.

He regularly mentions the devotion and struggles his parents did in making him a capable ice hockey player. His parents understood his potential, and from such an early age, they sent him to skating school to perfect his capabilities. He began ice skating at the age of three and also was brilliant while doing it.

The Zegras family has two more members besides Trevor and his parents. Those members are his siblings, Griffin and Ava. His siblings are immense supporters of their dear brother and were always together, turning each other’s happy and sad moments.

Who Are Trevor Zegras’ Parents?

Gary and Julie Zegras are the proud parents of NHL superstar Trevor Zegras. His father, Gary, has Greek ancestry.

During their two decades of marriage, they became parents to three kids; Trevor, Griffin, and Ava. Of these three kids, Griffin is the eldest, Ava is the youngest, and Trevor is the middle child.

Despite being the parents of such famous NHL superstars, very little is known about them. They make minimal public appearances but can be seen in the stands whenever their son plays. Undoubtedly, Trevor has raised his parents’ names to heights they hadn’t experienced before.

Is Trevor Zegras Dating Emma Macdonald? Girlfriend, Family & Parents
Trevor Zegras Posted A Picture Of His Father, Gary Zegras, On The Occasion Of His Birthday ( Source : twitter )

Gary is from the USA but has ties to Greek culture, as his family might have immigrated to the USA from Greece. However, all his kids identify as American as they were born in the United States and hold American nationality. Trevor has even represented the USA in international tournaments and won medals for his country.

Some FAQs

Who Is Trevor Zegras’ Girlfriend?

Trevor Zegras rumored girlfriend is Emma MacDonald, American internet celebrity and influencer . However, neither of them has acknowledged their relationship till now.

Where Is Trevor Zegras’ Family?

The Zegras family is a native of Bedford, New York. They have been living there for quite a while now and have ties with Greek ethnicity.

Who Are Trevor Zegras’ Parents?

Gary and Julie Zegras are the proud parents of Trevor Zegras. Apart from Trevor, they have two other children; a son named Griffin and a daughter named Ava. Read More

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