Laura Kuenssberg’s husband is management consultant James Kelly. Since 2019, the couple has been enjoying a happy marriage.

Laura Juliet Kuenssberg, or simply Laura Kuenssberg, is a well-known political figure.

She is a British journalist who works for BBC News as a political editor. Laura took over for Nick Robinson as BBC News’ first female political editor in July 2015.

She will leave the position in December 2021. The former BBC Chief Political Correspondent has had a successful career. She has also been involved in a number of controversies.

As for her personal life, she has been married to James Kelly since 2019. But how did it all start for the pair? Do they have any kids together? Let’s find it all out in today’s short article.

Meet James Kelly: Laura Kuenssberg Wife & Lesbian Rumor Explored

As mentioned above, Laura Kuenssberg has happily married James Kelly since 18 September 2019.

Laura Kuenssberg’s husband, James Kelly, is a management consultant who went to Edinburgh. After earning his degree, James moved to the United States and attended Harvard University.

Meet James Kelly: Laura Kuenssberg Wife & Lesbian Rumor Explored
Laura Kuenssberg has been married to James Kelly for three years. (Source: BBC)

Although Laura is one of the top commenters on TV, she keeps her personal life under wrap. As a result, there is scanty information about the Kuenssberg-Kelly couple.

As for the rumor about the Journalist being lesbian, it is fake. Laura Kuenssberg is not lesbian. Unfortunately, we could not confirm where and how the story began.

Laura Kuenssberg Controversy

Pro-Left supporters have often accused Laura of biases in favor of the Tory. She had also faced backlashes from her detractor, which forced her to move around with a bodyguard as there was a significant threat to her safety.

The BBC News official has also found herself in hot water due to her incorrect Tweet. Together with other Journalists, she was criticized for tweeting without verifying in late 2019. She later apologized for it.

On 11 December 2019, she drew controversy by discussing the supposed outcome of postal votes on live air. She said, “looking pretty grim for Labour in many parts of the country.”

By saying that, she breached the guidelines of the Electoral Commission, which might be considered a criminal offense.

Apart from these, there have been many other controversies, like criticism for her portrayal of Omar Salem and the allegation that she was defending Cummings in the 2020 Dominic Cummings scandal.

Laura Kuenssberg Net Worth And Salary

Laura Kuenssberg has been active in her career for a long time now. Besides earning an insane reputation, she must also have garnered considerable riches.

According to The Sun, Laura Kuenssberg’s annual earnings were between £200,000 and £249,999 at the BBC for the post she quit in May 2022.

When asked about her income during a Radio Times interview, the Journalist said she is well rewarded for work she massively enjoys doing. She further added, “I think I am paid very fairly.”

Furthermore, in September 2022, she replaced Andrew Marr in a full-time role as the host of the BBC flagship Sunda morning politics show. Andrew Marr earned £335,000 to £340,000 per year in the position.

Laura’s new role in Sunday politics came with a handsome pay rise. Her pay rise was expected to be in the tens of thousands.

While speaking about her new role, the Political commenter said she couldn’t be more delighted. She was honored to take the chair for the conversation in the 2020s. | Home

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