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Jeanie Buss Kids: Did Jerry's Daughter Adopt A Child? Married Life With Steve Timmons & Children

Jerry Buss has six children, one of whom is Jeanie Buss. She is the one who took over the family business, and her children may do the same someday.

The sports executive is the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). At the age of 19, she took over as general manager of the family-owned Los Angeles Strings professional tennis team.

She later became the owner of the Los Angeles Blades, a professional roller hockey team. Prior to becoming the Lakers’ vice president, she was the president of the Great Western Forum.

In 2020, she became the first female controlling owner of an NBA team to lead her team to the league championship.

Jeanie Buss Kids: Did Jerry’s Daughter Adopt A Child?

Does Jeanie Buss have children? Normally, she refers to her dog Princess as the only focus of her life outside of basketball and business in her autobiography, Laker Girl, published in 2010. So it’s unconfirmed whether Jeanie Buss has adopted children or not as she has no children of her own.

The death of her beloved Princess Cujo occurred in 2015. She now has a new pet named Delores.

Jeanie has never made a point of highlighting her connections outside of work. When her father died in 2013, the Lakers’ majority ownership was transferred to his six children via a family trust.

Her six siblings each had an equal say in the decision-making process. After being elected to both positions, Buss took over as team president and as the Lakers’ representative on the NBA Board of Governors.

Jeanie Was Married To Steve Timmons

Is Jeanie Buss married? Jeanie Buss married Steve Timmons, a former volleyball player, in 1990.

Despite the tremendous opportunities that lay ahead, the couple decided to divorce after three years of marriage.

Steve Timmons, Jeanie Buss’ ex-husband, competed for the United States of America in volleyball in three consecutive Summer Olympics. In 1989, he met Buss. After dating for a year, the couple decided to marry in 1990.

The Lakers’ general manager is said to have initiated the process to have her marriage declared null and void. She later explained that she had always been drawn to business and team management, which is why she did not prioritize her marriage when she was younger.

Jeanie Buss And Divorce Details

After only three years of marriage, Jeanie and Steve have moved on with their lives and are now romantically involved with other people.

Phil Jackson is a former professional basketball player, coach, and NBA executive from the United States (NBA). During their relationship, Buss was on the verge of marrying Jackson. Her romantic relationship with Phil lasted from 1999 until 2016, when it ended.

During their 17-year-long relationship, the couple tied the knot in 2012. The Lakers owner who appeared naked in the May 1995 issue of playboy magazine gave his reasons for breaking up with Phil Jackson “professional duties and geographic distance.”

During the celebration of her 60th birthday in September 2021, she announced that she was now in a relationship with comic Jay Mohr, who had himself been married and divorced twice.

Who is Jeanie Buss dating now?

After her divorce, Jeanie was in a long-term relationship with Phil Jackson. After their break up, she announced in 2021 that she is dating Jay Mohr.

About Jeanie’s Parents And Family

When Jeanie was 14 years old, her parents, Jerry and Joanne Buss, decided to divorce and obtain an annulment.

Because of this, Jeanie felt abandoned in her life. Buss was Joann and Jerry Buss’ third child and one of two girls; she grew up with her older brothers, Johnny and Jim, and her younger sister Janie.

Her father was also in a relationship with Karen Demel. As a result, she has two half-brothers named Joey and Jesse.

At the age of 14, Buss accompanied her father, the owner of the Los Angeles Strings, to World Team Tennis meetings. She moved to Pickfair to live with her father when she was 17 years old. She was so knowledgeable about the property that she began giving tours herself.

She overcame the pain of her parents’ divorce to complete her education at the University of Southern California, where she graduated with honors in business.

Jeanie Is Wealthy With $500 Million Net Worth

It is anticipated that Jeanie Buss has a net worth of $500 million in 2022.

The National Basketball Association is home to some of the world’s wealthiest players (NBA). The league’s best players are usually rewarded with multimillion-dollar contracts.

However, the players are not the only ones who have large sums of money in their accounts. The team owners and executives who set the salaries of the stars are also wealthy individuals.

One of them is Jeanie Buss. The lady who genuinely enjoys her job has made certain that she always gives 110% effort.

Her Early Life And Working Experiences – College Work

Buss began working while still in college, and she had already been meeting with her father for several years prior to beginning her employment.

During her time at the University of Southern California, the older Buss became the owner of the Los Angeles Strings, the city’s Team Tennis franchise. He appointed his daughter as general manager when she was only 19 years old.

It was her first significant job in the sports industry. Despite her contributions, the team was disbanded in 1993, and at least one expert stated that Buss was not to blame.

Los Angeles Blades Work

When her previous position was eliminated, Buss found new employment with the Los Angeles Blades, an inline roller hockey club that competed in the Roller Hockey International league. Buss’ father was also involved in the business.

Insight As The President Of The Great Western Forum

Buss appointed his daughter as president of the Great Western Forum, now simply known as The Forum. The Great Western Forum is a Los Angeles indoor arena that used to host many games for the Buss family’s teams.

Buss Got Involved With The Laker In The 1990s

Buss’ involvement with the Los Angeles Lakers began in the mid-1990s, initially through her job at the Forum and then in other capacities.

Before rising to prominence within the organization, she served as an alternate governor on the NBA Board of Governors and as the club’s executive business operations vice president.

During these years, Buss was recognized by several media outlets, including ESPN and Forbes, not only as a brilliant and accomplished CEO, but also as one of the few women in positions of authority in the world of sports at the time.

Buss’ father died in 2013, and according to ESPN, his wishes were for Buss to take over as governor of the Lakers, represent the brand at meetings of the NBA Board of Governors, and oversee business operations for the organization. Buss has already played all of these roles.

She was elected squad president shortly after that incident. She has continued to run the franchise since then, eventually becoming the controlling owner and firing several key people in the organization, including her brother, after a legal battle.

Furthermore, she has continued to run the business, eventually becoming the controlling owner. Although Buss almost certainly earns a respectable salary as the organization’s president, it appears that the vast majority of her overall net worth stems from the fact that she inherited a portion of ownership in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Buss Has Earned From Various Other Roles

Buss has made money not only as one of the top executives in the Lakers organization for over 25 years, but also in a variety of other roles that are distinct but related.

David McLane, her business partner, founded the all-female wrestling league/TV series Women of Wrestling in 2000. She is currently a co-owner of the company.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ViacomCBS signed a contract with WOW! (the group’s abbreviated name) in 2021 for an undisclosed sum to pay for new episodes to be developed for syndication.

Buss Is The Co-Author Of The Book, Laker Girl

Laker Girl is a book that Buss co-wrote in 2010, and according to the Amazon description, it tells the never-before-told story of the Buss family as well as the story of one woman’s journey to the top in a man’s world.

Buss was a member of the team that introduced Cincoro Tequila in 2019, which was only available to customers willing to pay a premium for their preferred libation. According to Vinepair, the company’s extra aejo product sold for $1,600 at retail.

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