Joe Spano Cancer Illness: Is He Sick? Some speculated that Joe Spano had Cancer after he lost a significant amount of weight and went bald.

The new season of NCIS premiered on November 17, 2020, with a brand-new episode that addressed the pasts of several characters and provided a rare look into their most recent investigation.

Joe also appeared in the Season 18 premiere, prompting many viewers to comment on his appearance on social media. However, losing weight was not their number one priority.

Joe Spano’s portrayal of former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell has appeared in every season of NCIS except Season 17, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Spano Cancer Illness: Is He Sick?

A rumor has it that Joe Spano may have Cancer. The Actor has shed a sizable amount of weight, as suggested by a website called Weight and Skin, which may be related to a medical issue. 

Fans soon started making assumptions about Spano’s illness and potential Cancer because he appeared slightly unwell in many people’s eyes. Although we are confident that he is healthy, we cannot confirm these rumors.

joe spano 2
The actor has lost a significant amount of weight, which could correlate with a health condition. (Source: Distractify)

The Actor had previously shaved his head, much to the worry of his fans, who became concerned about his health issues. It’s fair to say that the Actor’s alleged poor health is unreported, mainly outside of the fact that he did lose weight, which is wholly unnatural.

Joe Spano Health And Illness Update

Joe’s health was the subject of rumors circulating as early as 2015. Another theory holds that Joe lost weight in 2015 because he was chosen for a required role.

Joe got his start on the stage, and even after his career as a movie star began to take off, he has continued acting in plays. In this regard, there may be some truth to the rumor, and there is a possibility that he did slim down for work in 2015.

“So, is Joe Spano actually ill? He seems scruffy, “a fan on Twitter tweeted in February 2015. It does seem that Joe’s weight loss and any alleged medical issues are untrue rumors.

What has Joe Spano Been Doing Recently?

Joe Spano has spent 50 years working in the entertainment business. His first appearance was in the 1972 film One Is a Lonely Number with scream queen Janet Leigh, and since then, he has hardly taken a break from acting.

Joe Spano 1
Joe Spano as Tobias Fornell and Mark Harmon as Leroy Gibbs on ‘NCIS’ (Source: Distractify)

Joe Spano returns as Tobias Fornell in the NCIS episode airing on March 28 for a slightly unusual reason, according to the episode’s promo.

His involvement in so many outstanding movies and television shows is truly astounding. His breakthrough performance was in the hit Police Drama Hill Street Blues as Lt. Henry Goldblume, making him a go-to Actor for Police roles.

The following television programs feature Joe Spano as a law enforcement official: Amazing Grace, Profiler, Nash Bridges, and NYPD Blue. We are prepared for the fact that he kind of has a Resting Grizzled Detective Face.

Joe recently returned to his theater roots when he and JoBeth Williams participated in a virtual stage reading of The Gin Game through the Laguna Playhouse in February 2021. Home 

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