Masih Alinejad was married to her husband, Kambiz Foroohar, in 2014. Masih and Kambiz are living their lives happily with each other.

She is a fearless Iranian novelist, political activist, journalist, and supporter of women’s rights who currently resides in exile in the United States.

The reporter concentrates on women’s rights in Iran and other human rights problems.

She now has several positions, including presenter and producer for the Voice of America Persian Service, correspondent, regular contributor for Manoto television, and editor and contributing editor for IranWire.

She has been posting footage of Iranian ladies taking off their head coverings since 2014. The nation erupted last week when a 22-year-old passed away while being held by the morality police. She is now grabbing viewers’ attention as news about federal prosecutors mentioned that they had filed charges against four Iranians in connection with the scheme to abduct Alinejad.

Agents exchanged intercepted surveillance images when they returned. A U.S. private eye was reportedly employed by Iranian intelligence to track and record Masih and her husband’s whereabouts.

Who Is Masih Alinejad’s Husband, Kambiz Foroohar?

Masih Alinejad has tied marital knots with her husband, Kambiz Foroohar.

He is known as the husband of the renowned journalist Masih Alinejad. Masih began living together with Kambiz after getting married in 2014.

The reporter’s husband still needs to be included on the official Wikipedia website. In the meanwhile, Wikipedia provides a biography of his wife, Masih. He has set up his LinkedIn profile. Hence, people can see Kambiz’s experience and activity through his LinkedIn account.

According to Masih’s LinkedIn bio, Kambiz is a geopolitical and business journalist, author, and editor who has received multiple awards.

The reporter is interested in the Middle East’s politics and economy. Extensive background in global policy, U.N. diplomacy, and national security. He conducted research, analysis, and report production as a geopolitics strategist at Medley. The reporter also gave high-level briefings to clients on U.S. policy.

Alinejad’s partner held several positions at Bloomberg, including U.N. Bureau Chief. In that position, Kambiz covered national security topics and wrote in-depth analyses of international crises like North Korea, Syria, and Iran.

He kept up with the twists and turns of the discussions that resulted in the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015 for more than three years. Recently, the couple has been making headlines on social media as they have been the target of a kidnap plot.

Despite FBI warnings, her husband is still visiting their favourite Brooklyn places and saying hello to their neighbours. While in hiding, Kambiz Foroohar described how they moved between three homes to sneak his wife, Masih Alinejad, out of the city on a speedboat to Venezuela and then fly her to Teheran.

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors said they had filed charges against four Iranians, allegedly intelligence agents for Tehran, in connection with the operation to abduct Alinejad. In the past, Kambiz got married to Rana Foroohar. The two couples are well-known authors and journalists.

People can also learn more about Masih’s husband with his Twitter handle, the username @kambizf. Kambiz has accumulated over 7735 followers on his verified Twitter and has uploaded more than 14.2k tweets.

Does Masih Alinejad Have Children?

Masih Alinejad has only a single child. Only a little information about Masih’s kid is available online.

On Masih’s Instagram handle, she uploaded a post of a kid. In the post’s caption, the journalist captioned that Godaki got killed by the repressors of the Islamic Republic during the revolutionary uprising of the people of Izeh. Although Alinejad and Kambiz tied marital knots in 2014, little information about their relationship and children is available on the web.

Alinejad has criticized the Islamic Republic of Iran’s rules that make it unlawful for women to leave the house without wearing a hijab. Masih has also made a more general argument in the current historical and political setting.

The renowned reporter condemned Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, for donning a hijab after the March 2019 massacre at the Christchurch Mosque.

Alinejad started a boycott movement in 2016 against the upcoming women’s chess world championship, which will take place in Tehran, Iran, in February 2017. Iranian officials issued a public warning in July 2019 that anybody providing footage to Alinejad risked up to 10 years in jail.

According to regulations relating to working with an enemy of the state, people who shared demonstration films with Alinejad might face up to a ten-year jail sentence.

Alinejad’s book, The Wind in My Hair, discusses her journey from a small Iranian town to becoming a journalist and starting an internet campaign that launched a national protest movement.

One can explore the journalist on her Instagram handle under her username @masih.alinejad. Masih has accumulated over 8.5 million followers and uploaded massive post numbers of over 14000.

Kambiz Foroohar: Facts About Masih Alinejad's Husband & Children

Masih Alinejad Age

Masih Alinejad is currently 46 years old and was born to her father and mother, on September 11, 1976, in Qomi Kola, Babol, Imperial State of Iran.

She goes by the first name “Masih” despite being born Masoumeh Alinejad. In retaliation for Alinejad’s advocacy for women’s rights, the security forces of the Islamic Republic detained three of her family members on September 23, 2019.

Alireza Alinejad, Alinejad’s brother, got detained in Tehran. In contrast, Hadi and Leila Lotfi, her ex-husband Max Lotfi’s brother and sister, were imprisoned in the northern city of Babol by agents from the intelligence ministry.

The author, who had political awareness at an early age, got detained in 1994 for publishing anti-government flyers.

According to Masih Alinejad’s book, Marjan Sheikholeslami helped her get her journalism career.

She initiated her journalism career in 2001 with the neighborhood newspaper Hambastegi and afterward worked for the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA).

She has also published work in other journals, including Shargh, Bahar, Vaghaye Ettefaghiye, Ham-Mihan, and Etemad. Alinejad also covered parliament in the sixth and seventh parliaments. She got expelled from parliament because of the contentious article.

My Stealthy Freedom is a Facebook page that Alinejad started in 2014 to encourage Iranian women to upload photos of themselves without a headscarf.

The page received hundreds of thousands of likes and gained immediate recognition on a global scale.

She received the women’s rights prize from the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in 2015 for providing a voice to the voiceless and awakening humanity to support the battle of Iranian women for fundamental human rights, freedom, and equality.

The reporter received the Moral Courage Award from the American Jewish Committee on June 13, 2022, for her bold advocacy of the Iranian people persecuted by the Iranian regime.

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