Who Is Katerina Sergatskova? Journalist in Ukraine has been putting their lives at risk all day, every day, in line with their respective duties. The war has been beyond brutal for the citizens, and the journalists make sure the voices are heard loud and clear. One such independent journalist is Katerina Sergatskova, who, through her media platform, is surfacing stories from the war-torn areas of the country. Sergatskova has been reporting from areas that have been struck with war and covering stories of displaced people.

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Zaborona Media, Journalist Katerina Sergatskova has been reporting from the war zone in Ukraine, sharing updates about the horrific situations Ukrainians have been facing ever since the war began.

Who is Katerina Sergatskova?

Katerina Sergatskova is a journalist who co-founded Zaborona Media, a journalist media platform dedicated to reporting stories from across Ukraine. Sergatskova’s Zaborona Media is currently bringing out some significant stories of war, the aftermath and the struggles of the country’s citizens through in-depth research, in-person reporting, and ground coverage from war zones.

She is also the co-founder of 2402 Fund, a charitable organisation to generate journalism emergency funding for Ukraine.

In 2015, Sergatskova received the Kurt Schork Award after being declared the winner of the local reporter category. She was honoured with the award for reporting on the human impact of fighting behind the lines in East Ukraine.

Recently, highlighting the blackout conditions in her city, she was seen sharing a photo of herself preparing a meal in her kitchen in the dark with the help of a torch helmet after Kyiv and several cities around lost electricity, a very familiar issue that the Ukrainians have been facing daily.

In August, the Free Media Awards’ Press Prizes dedicated all of their five awards to the journalists in Ukraine recognising their efforts in covering the war aggression at the cost of risking their lives. Sergatskova was one of the recipients and thus became a Free Media Laureate Awardee after she was recognised for her bravery amidst trying circumstances.

Last month, Sergatskova shared through a podcast, her insights and experience covering people living under the Russian Occupation. She said that journalists like her gain confidence and strength because they’re reporting the truth. Home Page

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