Keaira Hudson Murder: How Did Her Husband Kill Her? Keaira Hudson, a 30-year-old woman, and mother of three was shot and killed by her husband Adam Bennefield on Shawnee Avenue Wednesday morning October 5, 2022.

Her death came unaware barely one week after she called her husband out on her Facebook page for assaulting her via a shared video. 

A friend of the deceased woman revealed that Adam had a bad temper long before they got married, but he always apologized whenever he hit her and promised to change.

Keaira Hudson Murder: How Did Her Husband Kill Her?

Keaira Hudson was killed while sitting inside her vehicle around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at Richlawn Avenue and Shawnee Avenue, according to Buffalo Police. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hudson was killed in front of her children, who were sitting in the backseat of her vehicle, a source close to her family said.

Keaira Hudson Murder:  Husband Was Said To Always Abuse Her

On September 28, Adam threatened Keaira at their home with a knife, beat her brutally, took her phone and refused to let her leave the house. As the mother three bled on the floor after the beating, Adam took pictures of her in her battered state.

Keaira shared the video on September 29 with the caption, “This is what this man does to me but I’m always treated like I’m the abuser.”

Keaira Hudson Murder: How Did Her Husband Kill Her? Evidence Video

Keaira and her children fled the house after that incident. However, Adam wouldn’t leave her alone and vowed to murder her. He was later arrested and a restraining order was issued against him.

He was released from jail on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, and Keaira, who was hiding in her mother’s house, wore a bulletproof vest all the time as she feared her husband would kill her.

“Mom he’s going to kill me, you don’t understand,” Keaira reportedly told her mother when she asked why she’s always wearing a bulletproof vest.

While Adam was released, prosecutors requested a temporary order of protection to force him to stay away from Keaira.

Sadly, on Wednesday morning, October 5, Keaira was driving to the daycare to drop her children off when Adam crashed into her vehicle.

He then jumped out of his vehicle and shot Keaira multiple times in her head while her kids watched. Keaira died on the spot.

Police have now released a wanted person poster, asking for help to find the husband who’s currently at large.

Has Her Husband Been Arrested?

No, her partner is not arraigned yet. However, on Wednesday evening October 5, 2022, Buffalo Police put out a wanted notice for 45-year-old Adam Bennefield. The homicide unit is looking to question him as a person of interest in the homicide.

Police identified Bennefield as possibly armed and dangerous.

When Did The Couple Marry?

Keaira got married to 45-year-old Adam Bennefield in February this year, and had described their wedding day as the happiest day of her life in a Facebook post earlier.

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According to her, her husband gave her her dream wedding. Unfortunately, only months into their marriage, he became abusive, and Keaira took to Facebook on September 29 to post a video showing him assaulting her.

“Keaira’s family did not want her to marry him. They were so scared for her and tried to reach out to Keaira, but she felt like she was fine,” the friend wrote on Facebook.

Details Of What Happened Before Her Death 

On Sept. 28, Hudson and Bennefield, who were married, but separated, were inside their Cheektowaga home when Bennefield allegedly punched and kicked Hudson, according to court documents. He also stands accused of taking her cell phone to stop her from calling for help.

Bennefield was arraigned on one count of third-degree assault, two counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief, one count of second-degree menacing, one count of second-degree unlawful imprisonment and one count of second-degree harassment.

The 45-year-old was issued an Oct. 20 return ticket.

Bennefield was released on his own recognizance because these are non-qualifying offenses for bail.​​​ These charges would have qualified for bail pre-bail reform, a law enforcement source told News 4.

Hudson posted a video of the Sept. 28 assault on Facebook, a close family source telling us, “She left us with that video to show what happened. Now the question is why it happened.”

Hudson had recently been living with her mother and wearing a bulletproof vest because she was in fear of Bennefield, the source added.

“The suspect was arraigned, and a stay-away order of protection was issued against the suspect. The suspect was released by the court,” Brian Gould, police chief, Cheektowaga PD. “After being released by the court, the domestic violence advocate advised the victim, that the suspect was released.”

“Every way you look at it, this is a tragedy. This has affected our community, it’s affected (a) family in our community, it’s affected our officers, who felt they were doing everything they could do, to keep this victim safe,” Gould added.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia says officers have been working to find Bennefield 24/7.

There is a $7,500 Crime Stoppers reward for anyone with information that leads to Bennefield’s arrest. If you do have information, call 911. WATCH VIDEO HERE


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