Who Is Leslie Jones Partner? If you are curious what Leslie Jones gender, then you landed at the right place. The prominent comedian and Actress is a woman and is straight.

Annette “Leslie” Jones is one of the most accomplished Actresses and comedians in the American entertainment industry.

She is widely recognized for being the cast member and writer on Saturday Night Live in the late 2010s and the 2016 Ghostbusters.

The Primetime Emmy Award-winning star’s gender and sexuality have surrounded a lot of curiosity. Is Leslie Jones gay? Does the Memphis-born star have a partner? Let’s find it all out in today’s short article.

Leslie Jones Gender And Sexuality: Is She Gay?

Leslie Jones was born a woman and is still a woman. Contrary to the rumors and speculations, the Ghostbusters star is not transgender or gay. She is straight.

Addressing the gay rumor, Leslie said she would be the worst lesbian ever if she were gay.

Leslie Jones Partner: Who Is She Dating? Net Worth And Earning Sources
Leslie Jones is not gay, confirmed herself. (Source: Biography)

The beautiful star further clarified if she were gay, she would engage in relationships with numerous attractive ladies since she is confident in her ability to flirt convincingly.

The gay rumors might have originated due to her close relationship with Kate McKinnon.

When Leslie and her other SNL co-star, Kate McKinnon, became close friends, rumors claimed they were dating and even secretly married. But all of those were false and groundless talks.

During her talk with Refinery 29, Kate McKinnon revealed that she and Leslie had become sisters for life. After filming Ghostbusters, the two actresses got close. They reportedly bonded over their shared hate of shaving legs.

Leslie Jones Gender
Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are besties and sisters not by heart, not by blood. (Image Source: The List)

Leslie Jones Partner

Leslie Jones’ name has been linked with both men and women.

The comedian was rumored to be dating her former SNL co-star Kyle Mooney. However, the pair never dated. The talk appears to have originated from the genius sketches featured on SNL.

Leslie and co-star Kyle Mooney returned to a long-running sketch series during the final season of Saturday Night Live.

The “Leslie & Kyle” sketch follows the two actors as they converse while acting out a fake romance. The sketch aired in May 2019 and was meant to make viewers laugh.

But people wondered whether there was more to the “Leslie & Kyle” sketch than just making jokes.

During her appearance on Conan, Leslie described the kind of guys she enjoys.

She disclosed that she likes a guy who makes her laugh, and since she enjoys the silliest things, making her laugh would not be difficult. “I love goofy men!” the beautiful comedian added.

Leslie Jones Net Worth And Earning Sources

The Memphis native has been active in the entertainment industry for thirty-six years. She has amassed a hefty fortune during her long and remarkable career.

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Leslie Jones’s net worth is a whopping $ 7 million. The beautiful lady garnered a huge fortune with her job as a comedian, Actress, and writer.

Jones was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on 7 September 1967. She grew up with her younger brother, Rodney Keith Jones. Her dad reportedly worked in the U.S. Army, and their family moved frequently.

The Chapman University graduate used to be insecure about her height (6 feet). But she used it to her advantage and played basketball during high school and college.

Leslie holds a degree in communication and is the winner of the title of the “Funniest Person on Campus.” Home 

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