What is Litton Das Net Worth? Litton Das is a well-known cricketer who bats right-handed and keeps wickets.

In June 2015, he made his international debut in his birth country of Bangladesh. He is best known for his highest individual ODI score for Bangladesh.

Das becomes the first batsman to score 1000 runs in 2022, and the first wicketkeeper to score 800 runs during the 2021-2023 World Test Championship.

He competed in the Under-19 World Cup in 2012 and 2014, and he began his cricket career after finishing high school.

Cricket: Is Litton Das Indian?

Litton Das was born in Bangladesh, which means he is not Indian. People from Bangladesh are Bangladeshi. 

Bangladesh is located near the border of India; people from Bangladesh often sift to India and somehow look like Indians.

But Litton Das has been in Bangladesh since birth; he was born in a Bengali Hindu family. His mother tongue is Bengali, which might also confuse that many Indian also speak the Bengali language. 

His parents were permanent residents of Bangladesh, which means he has no mixed nationality, which indicates that he is an Indian. 

Litton Das Family: Who Are His Parents? 

Litton Das has always been connected with his parents, although he often stays out of his home. 

His parents have always supported him with his career path and have always been proud of him.

Das often shares pictures of his mother and his grandmother and has shared photos of them on Mother’s Day. 

Litton Das shared picture of his mother and grandmother on Mother's Day.
Litton Das shared a picture of his mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day. Image Source: Instagram

Besides his mother, he has not shared pictures of his family, his Father, and his siblings. He might not have a close relationship with his Father.

Much information about his family is unknown; he has always kept his family details out of the eyes of the media. 

Litton Das Religion And Ethnicity: Is He Hindu?

Litton Das belongs to a Hindu family; he has followed Hindusium since childhood. 

He mentioned in his Instagram that he is the servant of Lord Krishan. Which means he follows Lord Krishan and has faith in him.

People who follow the Hindu religion worship diffrent gods and goddesses, whereas Das is a follower of Lord Krishna.

Additionally, he belongs to Indo-Aryan Ethnicity; most Bengali people refer to their ethnicity as Indo-Aryan.

And he holds Bangladeshi nationality; his family member is a permanent resident of Bangladesh.

Meet Litton Das Wife Devashri Biswas Sonchita

Das is married to his high school sweetheart, Devashri Biswas Sonchita. The couple was in a long-term relationship before getting married.

They were married in September 2019, with their own culture. Devashir also belongs to a Bengali family and is a permanent resident of Bangladesh.

 Litton Das Net Worth
Picture Litton Das shared with his wife. Image Source: Instagram

Das often shared pictures of them on his Instagram, and they seemed to be a happy couple. She is professionally an agriculturist.

Litton wife, Devashir often goes together with her husband if the matches are in an international country. They visit every country together and share pictures with Das’s fans and followers. She looks like an understanding and supportive wife.

 Litton Das Net Worth 2022

According to the Sources, the net worth of a famous cricket player from Bangladesh is 15 million USD.

His salary and income are from his career as an international cricket player, and he has not been involved in any other jobs or projects.

His retaining fee is $28,00, whereas his test fee is $7,100, as per what he has shared.

Also, he might have other sources more than a playing career, which might be business and investments which he has not shared with the public. Home 

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