Meet Brittney Griner Twin Kids – Fans are curious about Brittney Griner Kids after her arrest, and the news of her release went viral on the Internet. Griner was a member of the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA. She was imprisoned in Russia for a serious offense.

Brittney Griner is an American incarcerated basketball player. She plays women’s basketball because she was born a woman.

Many people are confused about her gender, but she is neither trans nor male. Griner is an out-and-proud lesbian.

Returning our attention to lesbian player Brittney Griner’s children. Who exactly are Ava and Sole?

Introducing recent facts about the WNBA basketball player— Griner’s involvement in notorious arms dealing with dealer Viktor Bout landed her in Russian prison. Bout is an arms dealer who has been imprisoned in the United States for the past 12 years.

U.S. At the request of his wife, Cherelle Watson, President Joe Biden offered his assistance to Griner. The president of the United States stated that she was safe and would be returning home soon from the United Arab Emirates.

Brittney Griner Twin Kids: Who Are Ava And Sole?

Although it sounds unusual for a woman to call herself a Father, Brittney’s case is quite unique. American Basketball player Brittney Griner is blessed with twin kids, Ava and Sole. Yes, she refers to herself as their Dad. 

Brittney Griner Twin Kids
Controversial Basketball player Brittney Griner has two kids, twins— Ava and Solei. (Source: BBC)

Griner is the proud mother of two children, Ava and Solei. Griner and her ex-wife Glory Johnson announced that they were expecting twins.

Johnson and Griner welcomed their twin daughters, Ava and Solei, on October 12, 2015, when they were 16 weeks pregnant.

The former couple’s relationship, however, ended on a sour note. They divorced in June 2016, and his ex-wife Johnson issued Griner with a child support order.

Moreover, Griner was found guilty on 4 August of severe arms dealing case and was sentenced to nine years in prison. The concerned authorities fined her more than $16 Thousand (1 million rubles).

Meet Brittney Griner’s Wives, Cherelle Griner, And Glory Johnson

Phoenix Mercury basketball player Brittney Griner tied the knot with her first wife, Glory Johnson, on 8 May 2015.

But their relationship was turned down and ended sourly as they followed several disagreements and fights. Police summoned their House to handle the two’s situation over a dispute on 22 April 2015.

They were taken into custody by the Police on disorderly conduct and assaults. Griner and Glory both sustained a few injuries. 

Despite their quarrel, they decided to have children and announced expecting twins on 4 June 2015.

Additionally, Griner proposed to his second wife, Cherelle Watson, in August 2018. Watson and Griner exchanged their vows in June 2019.

Cherelle changed her last name to Griner from Watson to honor her lesbian husband, Brittney.

Brittney Griner Wife
Brittney Griner tied the knot with his second wife, Cherelle Watson, in 2019. (Source: Her Instagram)

Brittney’s wife, Cherelle Griner, used to be a teacher. Now, she became a lawyer after completing her graduation from the North Carolina Central University of Law.

Net Worth Of Brittney Griner

American basketball player Brittney Griner’s net worth is at least $5 million as of this writing.

However, the athlete seems a bit hesitant regarding her wealth info, and she has not yet confirmed this matter.

While playing in Russia, Griner earned an estimated $1.5 million. She played in the country for three years.

Moreover, Griner’s salary from the WNBA is estimated at $227,000, which is the maximum wage figure allowed by the league.

The basketball player is active on social media handles and has crossed 400 Thousand followers on Twitter. Also, Brittney was quite active on her Instagram handle before her arrest. Home 

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