How mobile phone use can affect your sperm count
Does cell phone radiation cause infertility?

It is probably no news to you that the long use of cellular or mobile phones affects sperm quality. Even though this claim may appear complicated, there is a close connection between the decline in male sperm count and increased mobile phone use.

In today’s world, mobile phones are widely spread and used by people of all age groups especially adults. It has been noticed that people spend long hours using cell phones for different purposes which may have a serious negative effect in the long run. Findings from various studies are pointing to a health concern specific to men – sperm damage.

The report Sound Health and Lasting Wealth got from International Journal of Health Science, showed that men who talk on their mobile phones for an hour a day or while charging it ‘are more likely to have low sperm quality’.

Another study by researchers from The Cleveland Clinic reported that men who used their mobile phones the most (more than four hours a day) had poorer sperm quality than those who used them the least. The research result, however, did not establish a strong link between cell phone use and semen quality.

More studies in 2016 by PubMed researchers found that the daily duration of talking on the cell phone was significantly associated with decreased semen parameters, including sperm concentration, semen volume, and total sperm count. It concluded that certain aspects of cell phone use may negatively affect sperm quality in men, thus impairing male fertility.

In addition, male infertility can be a result of carrying a cell phone in the pocket or holding it close to the reproductive organs. The radiation that emits from the mobile phone in your pocket can kill sperm, cause infertility and lower testosterone levels.

As a result, resident fertility experts have advised men to be conscious of their well-being and try to stop being addicted to their phones.

How to protect sperm count from cell phone effect

You can avoid having your sperm count reduced or dropping so much with the following tips

  • Get a protective Pong case for your device.
  • Wear more clothes that have chest pockets ( example; suits).
  • Safe keep your phone in your chest pocket or put it in a phone bag.
  • Do not make calls with your phone while charging it.
  • Keep your phone far away from your bed area whenever you want to sleep.
  • Avoid staying too long on calls and use earpiece if you must.
  • Limit the number of times you use your phone on a daily basis.

Risk Factors

If you are a male and using a cell phone, the following factors can increase your risk of producing low or weak sperm count;

  • Talking on the phone while it’s charging
  • Number of mobile phone calls you take per day
  • The length of each call you make everyday
  • Amount of time you use a cell phone in a day
  • Putting your cell phone in your trouser pocket for longer hours
  • Having your phone close to your reproductive organs
  • Keeping your phone under your pillow
  • Keeping your phone on a bedside table (this appears to raise lower sperm cell counts)


Findings from recent studies continue to show adverse effects on human sperms from mobile phone exposure. The body of evidence implies that men should not carry their mobile phones in the pockets close to their reproductive organs. Carrying the phone in your shirt pocket instead is better and safe.

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