Myths About Saline Nasal Washing Busted

Nasal washing solution or nasal sprays contain isotonic saline solution that helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the nasal cavities.

Of the many vital functions that your nose performs, one of them is that it acts as the first line of defence for your respiratory system and protects you from external threats such as dust, germs, and other pollutants. Also, while fighting a virus or during an allergic reaction, your nose sometimes produces extra mucus; as a result, the sinus cavities get clogged.

In everyday life, some of the factors affecting your respiratory health include dust produced from the demolition and/or construction of new properties, smoke from vehicles, etc., which contribute to poor air quality. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard from these factors that affect the respiratory system, and saline nasal washing is proven to be an effective remedy in treating many nasal conditions.

What is saline nasal washing?

Saline nasal washing is a simple yet effective method of cleaning the nostrils with an isotonic saline solution. As per a study published by Cambridge University Press, isotonic saline solution was found to improve mucociliary clearance time significantly for patients with allergic rhinitis and acute sinusitis. Also, saline nasal washing acts as an adjunctive therapy to improve respiratory conditions and clean the nasal cavity.

Nasal washing solution or nasal sprays contain isotonic saline solution that helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the nasal cavities. By washing out dust, germs, and other air pollutants stuck in the nasal cavity, it prevents one’s chances of contracting respiratory diseases and sinus infections. According to a study by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, children in the age group of 6-10 years who were administered isotonic saline solution reported significantly fewer illness days (about 75%). The study also stated that SN washing significantly reduced nasal symptoms among children with common cold and prevented the recurrence of respiratory infections. This shows that saline nasal washing has significant benefits. And with a nasal spray like Otrivin Breathe Clean, making saline nasal washing a part of your daily healthcare routine is easy.

Saline nasal washing myths busted

Despite having many health advantages, some people continue to believe in myths about nasal washing. Read on for a fact check.

Myth #1 Putting water inside the nose is not safe

Fact – It is advised to use distilled water. And if you are using tap water, make sure to boil it and let it cool to room temperature. Or you can use a nasal spray like Otrivin Breathe Clean, which is easy for everyday use.

Myth #2 Doing saline nasal washing is difficult

Fact – Nasal washing with a bulb syringe or medical bottle may feel awkward at first. But with practice, you’ll get better. However, with a nasal spray like Otrivin Breathe Clean, it’s simple; all you need to do is spray the solution and take a deep breath.

Myth #3 I will feel a burning sensation in my nose

Fact – Using an isotonic nasal wash like Otrivin Breathe Clean will not burn your nose as it is made of natural ingredients like isotonic saline solution and glycerine. This not only helps clean the nasal cavity but also soothes and moisturizes your nasal passage.

Myth #4 Nasal washing is time-consuming

Fact – Nasal washing is easy and quick. Otrivin Breathe Clean comes with a nozzle that you can place inside your nose, tilt at an angle, and spray.

Myth #5 It will make me feel asphyxiated

Fact – Place the nasal spray inside your nose, pump it 2 to 3 times, and breathe simultaneously. Upon taking deep breaths, the spray will reach deep inside your nose. And since you are not holding your breath at any point, there are no chances of feeling asphyxiated.

The study by NCBI further adds that saline nasal washing may enhance the ability of mucosa in our noses to resist the impact of nasal infectious agents, inflammatory mediators, and irritants. It is thus a safe way to protect and build our nasal immunity.

In a nutshell

Nasal washing is effective in unclogging your nasal passage and helping you breathe better and easier. Therefore, it has been practiced by people for decades. And with a saline nasal spray like Otrivin Breathe Clean, adults and kids above two years of age can do nasal washing every day to maintain good nasal hygiene. And at a time when pollution levels are rising and respiratory vulnerabilities are becoming a major concern, daily saline nasal washing is a necessary measure to safeguard your nasal health.

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