Jay Briscoe Kids And Wife: Meet Gracie And Jayleigh

Who Are Jay Briscoe Kids? People are curious about the Jay Briscoe children. One of the daughters of Jay Briscoe is in surgery, and another has critic

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Who Are Jay Briscoe Kids? People are curious about the Jay Briscoe children. One of the daughters of Jay Briscoe is in surgery, and another has critical wounds.

American professional wrestler Jamin Pugh went by the ring name Jay Briscoe.

He was best known for his work with Ring of Honor, where at the time of his passing, he and his brother Mark Briscoe were in the midst of their 13th reign as ROH World Tag Team Champions.

He was also a two-time ROH World Champion and a member of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

Jay and Mark Briscoe made their Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) debuts at Delaware Invasion on January 20, 2001, as part of a three-on-one handicap match against Trent Acid.

The two advanced past the first round of the inaugural Best of the Best event, a show somewhat atypical of CZW in that it is a tournament.

He focused on athletic junior heavyweight wrestling rather than violent hardcore matches, where the stipulation was whoever took the fall would be eliminated.

Jay Briscoe Kids: Meet Gracie And Jayleigh

Talking about Wrestler Jay Briscoe kids, he has two daughters. Jay’s real name Jamin Pugh, died at 38, and his two daughters were seriously injured.

Forbes reports that the Ring of Honor (ROH) star died in a car accident, and WMDT reports that a fatal car accident occurred in Delaware on Tuesday, but the wrestler was not identified.

“Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away,” ROH owner Tony Khan said on Twitter.

Jay Briscoe Kids And Wife: Meet Gracie And Jayleigh
Jay Briscoe Kids Gracie And Jayleigh. (Source: DailyMail)

The 38-year-old wrestled alongside his brother Mark as the Briscoe Brothers, the World Tag Team Champions.

Reports alleged that Jay’s daughters were involved in the crash too, and his wife Ashley Pugh has just confirmed they have been injured.

Wife of Jay Briscoe

Jay sparked outrage on Twitter in May 2013 when he threatened to “fucking shoot” anyone who tries to “teach kids that there’s nothing wrong with [same-sex marriage].”

He had previously made derogatory remarks about homosexuals on his Twitter account.

Pugh first apologized for the comment on ROH’s website, then again at a House show on May 11, explaining that the comments were intended to reflect the worldview of Jay Briscoe.

Jay Briscoe Kids Gracie And Jayleigh
Jay Briscoe kids and wife. (Source: Wrestling Headlines)

Pugh also agreed to donate his entire pay from the next two shows to the charitable organization Partners Against Hate (PAH).

Family & Ethnicity of Jay Briscoe

Jamin (Jay) and Mar Pugh were raised in Laure, Delaware. Both received honorable mention All-State honors as high school football players, Jay as a fullback and linebacker and Mark as a tight end and linebacker.

Both were signed to play for Wesley College (Delaware) at one point, which was used in a wrestling storyline at ROH Beating the Odds to explain an absence from which they were returning.

In their youth, the brothers became interested in wrestling after watching the World Wrestling Federation on one of the two channels available on their television.

They first practiced wrestling moves on a trampoline before the family built a wrestling ring in their backyard.

Jay Briscoe kids
Jay Briscoe was an American professional wrestler. (Source: Sarkari Library)

They worked on honing their craft, taping their movements and trying to improve them.

Although their Father coached the wrestling team at their high school, they did not participate in amateur wrestling during their high school years.

While still in high school, they made their professional wrestling debut with the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA).

While their mother, Jana, was in line to buy tickets to a wrestling event, an ECWA promoter approached her and asked if her sons had any wrestling tapes.

This did lead to the bros set to debut for ECWA on May 20, 2000, underneath the ring names “Jay and Mark Briscoe.”

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