Raecene Mcgregor Partner Jamilee Bright seems committed to their relationship as The New Zealand rugby league footballer, Raecene is close to him.

Raecene Mcgregor Partner Jamilee Bright: Is She Married With Husband? Family Life, Parents & Siblings

“Celebrating love with my love,” she wrote alongside a beautiful photo of the couple.

The Dally M Awards are a special award or medal given to the National Rugby League competition’s player of the year. McGregor, a New Zealand international, was named one of the world’s top three female rugby league players by the official NRL website.

Not to mention, McGregor was named to the NRL’s NRLW Team of the Year and the Rugby League Players Association’s Dream Team. Individual players voted for players who they thought fit each position well.

In three seasons with the Kiwi Ferns jersey, playmaker Raecene McGregor has flaunted her talents and made a tremendous mark in the club and at the NRLW level. She represents the Wests Tigers in the NSWRL Women’s Premiership and pledges her loyalty to the Sydney Roosters in the NRL Women’s Premiership.

In a remarkable performance at halfback, McGregor scored and assisted and ran for 95 meters as New Zealand overcame Samoa in the middle of 2019. She was signed by Brisbane for the second NRLW title and then paired Jillaroos star Ali Brigginshaw in both halves as the Broncos won back-to-back grand finals.

Basic Information To Know

  • Raecene Mcgregor’s romantic partner is Jamilee Bright. She is a North Sydney Bears rugby player.
  • Raecene Mcgregor is 24 years old. She was born in Sydney on October 23, 1997.
  • Raecene Mcgregor was born to her parents Glenys and Travis Mcgregor. They are from New Zealand.

Raecene Mcgregor Partner Jamilee Bright: Read About There Relationship

Raecene Mcgregor is completely committed to her relationship with Jamilee Bright.

Jamilee is also a rugby league football player in Australia. She is a member of the North Sydney Bears of the New South Wales Cup. She signed a one-year contract with the club in 2021.

Raecene Mcgregor and her girlfriend Jamilee Bright are the ideal rugby league couple. They share many interests, which will benefit their relationship in the future.

Though it is unclear when the couple began their affair, the last image of them together was a year ago, according to the pictures on each of their Instagram posts; in September 2021, Mcgregor uploaded a photo of the two swimming in a lake with a little girl.

Bright is said to have a daughter from a previous relationship with the little girl. Furthermore, the 24-year-old Sydney Roosters five-eighth uploaded another picture of the couple kissing in December 2021, confirming their relationship for sure.

On the other hand, Jamilee, who deleted her previous Instagram account @jamilee_bright, opened a new account, @juju_bright1 which has 1.5k followers. And she is also not shy about uploading pictures of her partner. Several of her uploads exhibit, and she always attends her game. Bright can be seen cheering Mcgregor from the audience stand.

Raecene Mcgregor Partner Jamilee Bright: Who Is He?

Jamilee Bright, also Juju Bright, is an Australian professional rugby player. She was born in New South Wales, Australia.

Before moving to North Sydney Bears, she was playing at a Belmore-based club, Canterbury Bankstown bulldogs, in NSWRL Women’s Premiership. She had a good spell with the club.

But Bright was unhappy about the club withdrawing its name from the NSWRL Harvey Norman premiership, so she decided to leave the bulldogs. She immediately contacted Sydney Bears, and they agreed on a deal in 2021.

“Im a floor layer, And in a way yes it does help, there’s a lot of physical labour which helps with keeping me fit.” Bright answered a question if the new club and new league competitive fixture might drain her.

Is Raecene Mcgregor Married With A Husband?

Raecene Mcgregor,  a New Zealand international, has not been married. As a result, she does not have a husband.

However, she is in a relationship and not single. Mcgregor has a partner, the love of her life, and the lucky person is Jamilee Bright. It has been a while now since they two became a thing.

Though they do not share with the media their first meeting and how everything started, one can assume they met during a rugby game as they are both professional rugby footballers from Australia.

If Mcgregor is not married, then has her current girlfriend Bright ever been married before? Well, she was in a few relationships prior to locking her fate with Raecene.

In December 2016, Jamilee uploaded a picture of her kissing her then-love Taylor Jonsey’s pregnant belly with the caption, “I’m going to be a dad.” She also uploaded another photo of her holding a baby, penning, “This child si my life.” Mayhaps, the little girl Raecene and Bright is taking care of, is this child.

Furthermore, the New South Wales native also had a relationship with a guy named Luke Kelly at some point in the past. There were a few here and there with a couple of people, but she was never married.

Raecene Mcgregor Family Life, Parents And Siblings

Raecene Mcgregor was born on October 23, 1997, to a New Zealand family in Sydney, Australia.

The 24-year-old young rugby player was raised by her parents, a brother, and a sister. Like every parent, Glenys and her husband Travis wanted the best for her children and family. It is one of many reasons they migrated to Australia from New Zealand.

While their stay in New Zealand, none of the kids could garner any success, and with no significant hits in the country, the family moved to Sydney, Australia, which ultimately transformed their fate. Raecene Mcgregor is giving her parents every ounce of happiness as she recently won the 2022 NRLW Dally M Medal.

Raecene was characterized as a Miracle Child by her mother, Glenys, when she was born about twenty-four years ago. After 12 miscarriages, Glenys pregnancy was a significant relief, arriving soon after she and her husband Travis had moved from New Zealand.

Their parents could not believe that even born prematurely, Rae, as they called for Raecene, was fighting hard to survive at her early stage. As born early, she required constant monitoring to guarantee her survival.

Similarly, her sister Page McGregor was received just a year and a half later, quite busy in her mother Glenys womb. Now 20 years later, both of her daughters represent New South Wales and play in competitive rugby leagues.

Raecene Mcgregor Career Background

She serves as a cloakroom attendant for a local Rugby League team in her spare time. Rae’s chosen profession has nothing to do with sports. She is currently enrolled in a carpenter apprenticeship. The Wests Tigers five-eighth admits that it has been difficult, not least because of the misogyny she has encountered on the job.

However, before becoming a full-time carpenter, Rae McGregor played for her national team New Zealand in the Rugby League World Cup in November 2017. While her sister is pursuing a Sevens career for Australia, she believes she was denied the opportunity to excel in Rugby League.

During the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, she suffered a terrible blow to her career due to an injury. Rae was shelved at home, which gave her some time to spend with her mother and sister. She praised both of them, especially her mother, Glenys, for all the support and help they gave him.

How Tall Is Raecene Mcgregor Height?

According to Mcgregor’s Wikipedia page, she stands at an average height of 5 feet and 4 inches (162 cm). It is a few inches below the average for a female rugby player.

Similarly, her weight is approximately 68 kg (149 lbs), and she maintains her weight by going to the gym and performing other workouts. She likes going to the gym and exercising regularly, encouraging others to do the same.

Her shoe size is 10.5 inches, and her shoe selection is appealing. Raecene McGregor owns almost 100 pairs of shoes from various brands. Moreover, Raecene has blue eyes that are really appealing. Her hair is Midnight Ruby, and she has her unique fashion style which is popular among her fans.

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