Meet Rex Ryan Twin Rob And Jim Ryan – Rex Ryan, his fraternal twin Rob, and his older brother Jim were born in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful NFL coaches of all time.

He spent the majority of his childhood in Canada before moving to the United States as a teen to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

After graduating, Ryan spent the next 22 years as an assistant coach for various teams at both the collegiate and professional levels.


Quick Facts On Rex Ryan

NameRex Ryan
ParentsBuddy And Doris Ryan
SiblingsRob And Jim Ryan
ProfessionFootball Coach
Net Worth$20 Million


Twins Rex And Rob Ryan: Meet The Siblings

Rob and Rex Ryan are brothers, and despite being identical twins, Rob has longer hair and a potbelly. They were born five minutes apart but have lived as if they were connected by an invisible umbilical cord.

Without a doubt, the Ryan brothers’ father, the outspoken Buddy Ryan, who was the legendary defensive coordinator of the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears and later served as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, instilled a sense of devotion and football savvy in his players.


Rex Ryan Twin Rob And Jim Ryan: Meet The Siblings & Parents Buddy and Doris
Rex Ryan with his twin brother Rob ( Source : cbssports )


They did, however, inherit characteristics from their mother Doris, who, according to her children, could deconstruct Buddy’s aggressive 46 defense just as well as any Ryan.

Buddy was once again in the spotlight before Sunday night’s nationally televised game. Buddy’s coaching accomplishments and demeanor have been remembered fondly by the twins. Buddy, who has cancer but is expected to see the game before undergoing surgery later this week, has conducted dozens of interviews to advance the narrative during this time.


Meet The Siblings: Rex Ryan Twin Rob and Jim Ryan

His siblings are Jim, Rex Ryan’s older brother, and Rob, his younger twin brother. The three Ryan brothers moved in with their mother when she worked at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Rex recalled seeing the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team expand in 1977, when they were both 15 years old. However, hockey was Canada’s most popular sport. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, Rex and his brothers would watch “Hockey Night in Canada.”

They also picked up the sport of hockey. As of 2011, Jim, Rex’s older brother and a lawyer from St. Louis, Missouri, had been playing adult league hockey for more than 40 years.

Rex and his brother Rob enjoyed baseball and hockey, but they knew before crossing the border that they belonged on the gridiron.

Throughout their high school years in Toronto, the Ryan brothers had their fair share of classroom misbehavior. Rex stated in his 2011 book that he and Rob frequently switched schools, primarily because one twin brother was unprepared for an exam while the other was.


Rex Ryan Supportive Parents Buddy and Doris

Buddy and Doris Ryan were born on December 13, 1962. Jim, his older brother, and Rob, his younger twin brother, make up his family.

Buddy and Doris Ryan met in college at Oklahoma A&M. (now known as Oklahoma State University). When Rex and Rob were two years old, they divorced in 1964.

Doris Ryan believed she couldn’t stay a coach’s wife any longer. They were on their fifth trip in his spectacular coaching career at the time of her breakup with Buddy. Fortunately, they remained friendly for a long time after their divorce.

Rex Ryan’s father, Buddy, was the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears and the brains behind the 46 defense that helped them win Super Bowl XX in 1985, so football was in his blood.

Buddy Ryan had won his first Super Bowl trophy seventeen years earlier while coaching the defensive line for the New York Jets. The Jets defeated the highly favored Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III, thanks to the heroics of quarterback Joe Namath.


Rex Ryan Has A Successful Coaching Career

When Ryan was 46 years old, he was named head coach. At that point, he had approximately 22 years of experience as an assistant coach in the college and professional ranks.

Ryan led the Jets to back-to-back trips in the AFC Championship Game in 2009 and 2010, which marked the beginning of his head coaching stint with the team.

It was never the same after that successful start. He put up with the Jets and Buffalo Bills being run by mediocrity until 2016. Even though he hasn’t been an NFL head coach since 2016, Rex Ryan left an indelible mark on football fans.

Ryan emphasizes that coaches should be open and communicative with their players and management, and they should expect the same in return. Ryan describes it as “useful when determining how to motivate someone” to connect with his coworkers.


Rex Ryan Net Worth In 2022

Rex Ryan has a net worth of $20 million and makes $4 million per year as the head coach of the American football team.

He and his brother both played defensive end for Southwestern Oklahoma University. In 2011, he was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. He began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Eastern Kentucky. Following that, he worked as the defensive coordinator at Morehead State and as an assistant coach at New Mexico Highlands.

He spent two years as the defensive coordinator for his father’s NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, before returning to collegiate football as the defensive coordinator for Cincinnati, Oklahoma, and Kansas State.

Following that, he was hired as the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive line coach, and he eventually rose through the ranks to assistant head coach and defensive coordinator. Rex Ryan has been the New York Jets’ head coach since 2009.

He is known for his outspokenness, and he led the Jets to AFC Championship Games in 2009 and 2010. He published his memoirs in 2011, and starred in the film That’s My Boy in 2012.


Controversies Surrounding Rex Ryan

During his time in New York, Rex Ryan sparked numerous controversies. He ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, in 2013, for example.

He was photographed by local photographers sunbathing in the Bahamas with a brand-new tattoo of his wife Michelle carrying a Mark Sanchez jersey a few months later.

The Jets never won more than eight games in Ryan’s subsequent four seasons in New York. During his six-year reign, from 2009 to 2014, they made the playoffs twice, winning an average of eight games per year.

Following the team’s 4-12 record in 2014, the Jets fired Rex Ryan on December 29, 2014.


Some FAQs

Are Rex And Rob Ryan Twins?

Yes, they’re twins, you can easily tell them apart because Rob is the one with the long hair and the potbelly.

Is Rex Ryan still married?

Rex Ryan has opened about his low key wedding to wife Migle as they celebrate four years of marriage.

Who Is Rex Ryan Dad?

Rex dad James David “Buddy” Ryan was an American football coach in the National Football League and American Football League.

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