Jeff Bryant Saturday’s only child is Savannah Faith Saturday. She has over 12.8K Instagram followers and goes by the handle @savannahsaturdayy.

He is a former American football player and current sports analyst who currently serves as the interim head coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Jeff Saturday was born on June 18, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, to his parents. He graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina after attending Shamrock High School in 1993.

Jeffrey was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Baltimore Ravens in 1998. Unfortunately, he was released by the team before even playing a single game.

Later Indianapolis Colts signed him, where he played 13 seasons and was selected to four All-Pro teams and five Pro Bowls. He also won against the Chicago Bears and won Super Bowl XLI.

During Jeff’s final NFL season, he became a member of the Green Bay Packers as he made his sixth Pro Bowl.

Name:Savannah Faith Saturday
Date of Birth:September 4, 2002
Parents:Jeffrey Saturday, Karen Saturday
Education:University of Alabama
Siblings:Jeffrey, Joshua Bryant
Age:20 years old
Relationship:Banks Lacey

Who is Jeff Saturday’s daughter Savannah Faith Saturday?

Savannah Faith Saturday is the daughter of Jeff Saturday, the interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts for the NFL.

Savannah was born to her parents Jeffrey Saturday and Kren Saturday, on September 4, 2002. She has two brothers, Jeffrey and Joshua, as her siblings.

Apart from being Jeff’s daughter, Savannah is also quite famous on social media as she often posts on Instagram and knows how to maintain it.

5 facts on Jeffry Saturday’s daughter Savannah Faith Saturday

Savannah Faith Saturday received her diploma from University of Albama on May 20, 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Savannah Faith Saturday Is A Student At University of Alabama

Jeff’s daughter Savannah received her high school diploma on May 20, 2021.

She is currently a Sophomore at the University of Alabama. Savannah is part of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha while at the University of Alabama.

During high school, she was quite famous as a lead cheerleader for the team that won All-Star Prep National Championship.

Savannah Faith Saturday Is 20 Years Old

The former American football player’s daughter Savannah turned 20 on September 4, 2022. Savannah was born on September 4, 2002. 

As per her location, Savannah celebrated her birthday in Naples, Florida. On her birthday, she posted her photo carrying balloons with the number 20 in her hands. 

Savannah is in relationship with Banks Lacey

Savannah Faith Saturday, Jeff’s daughter, is dating Banks Lacey.

Banks attends the University of Georgia. According to his Instagram bio, he is expected to graduate in 2025. Savannah first shared a photo with her boyfriend on May 11, 2021.

A week later, Banks and Savannah had a fantastic time on their vacation in Nassau, Bahamas Island. Her mother, Karen, was also present.

On May 11, 2021 Savannah posted a photo with her boyfriend Banks Lacey. ( Source : instagram )

Even though the couple is quite open about their relationship, there is no information regarding how and when they met. Savannah often posts photos with her boyfriend on her Instagram handle.

Savannah Has Two Siblings, Brothers Jeffrey And Joshua Bryant

Savannah Faith Saturday has two siblings, brothers Jeffrey Douglas and Joshua Bryant.

Savannah Faith with her younger brother Joshua and older brother Jeffrey. ( Source : instagram )

Jeffrey, her older brother, turned 22 on April 3, 2022, and her younger brother Joshua turned 16 on October 3. Her elder brother is a football player for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and Joshua also seems to be an athlete.

Savannah was a cheerleader

Savannah Faith was cheerleader for the team who won Allstar Prep National Champoins ( Source : instagram )

Savannah was into cheerleading at the early age of 15.

She was the cheerleader for the American royal 2016. Savannah also did cheerleading for the team who won Allstar Prep National Champions.

Some FAQs

Who is Savannah Faith Saturday?

Savannah Faith Saturday is the daughter of the interim head coach of Indianapolis Colts, Jeffrey Saturday.

Who are Savannah’s siblings?

Jeffrey and Joshua are Savannah’s elder and younger brother respectively.

Who is Savannah Faith Saturday’s boyfriend?

Bank Lacey is an alumnus in University of Georgia.

What is Savannah Faith Saturday’s Instagram?

@savannahsaturdayy is Savannah’s Instagram handle account.

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