Was Marietjie Bothma Married? Meet Husband Of Zulu Presenter

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Was Marietjie Bothma Married? Meet Husband Of Zulu Presenter

Was Marietjie Bothma Married with husband? Marietjie Bothma, a Zulu lady with fair skin, has passed away, capturing the attention of many individuals.

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Was Marietjie Bothma Married with husband? Marietjie Bothma, a Zulu lady with fair skin, has passed away, capturing the attention of many individuals.

Bothma gained recognition as a brave former member of the controversial KwaSizabantu Mission in KwaZulu-Natal. She was among those who testified against the mission’s numerous human rights violations.

In 2020, during her distressing testimony before the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious, and Linguistic Communities, Bothma disclosed her experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse. She courageously shared how she was compelled to engage in disturbing acts, such as “sucking on the breasts” of Erlo Stegen’s daughters, Ruth Combrink and Elizabeth Vermaak, who were leaders within the church.

Bothma gained prominence as the Zulu lady with white skin after appearing in a television commercial where she spoke isiZulu, creating a buzz among viewers.

Subsequently, she secured a role in one of South Africa’s most popular soap operas and even had the opportunity to address the audience during former President Jacob Zuma’s inauguration.

Bothma was a bilingual individual, with Afrikaans as her native language, and an impressive ability to communicate in 13 languages, including various South African languages and German. Now, let’s delve into the details of Marietjie Bothma’s husband.

Was Marietjie Bothma Married? Husband Of Zulu Presenter Explored

People are curious about Marietjie Bothma’s husband. Marietjie Bothma, also known as Kasi Mlungu, has found another reason to embrace township life.

In an interview with the Daily Sun, she revealed that she has found love and believes that black men are the best partners because they are kind and know how to respect women. After leaving an abusive white partner in 2013, she made a promise to herself to never date another white man.

When Marietjie recently disclosed the identity of her new boyfriend to the SunTeam, it turned out to be a fan of hers from a TV show. Ashby Barden, who appeared on Mzansi Magic’s Date My Family last year, happened to be the one.

The couple, residing in Alexandra, Johannesburg, have recently gotten engaged. Marietjie expressed that she knew she had found her dream guy when she met Ashby a year ago.

However, they occasionally face challenges. Some white individuals question Marietjie’s choice to date a black man, while some black women accuse her of taking away their potential partners.

The Daily Sun said Ashby’s heart melted on their first date. “It did feel strange because she spoke Zulu while her skin was white and her eyes were blue,” Ashby explained.

He stated that he had always desired a white lady because he thought they were honest, loving, and warm-hearted. 

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Background and Family Details Of Marietjie Bothma Explored

Bothma is survived by her daughter Klariez and son Brandon, who is “very heartbroken” by their mother’s death.

Bothma revealed her childhood agony of being punished, including the intake of pepper water, for speaking out about the abuse.

While the mission had previously dismissed abuse charges, attributing them to specific people rather than the mission, Bothma’s testimony shed light on the systematic nature of the torture she faced at home and the mission’s school.

She boldly revealed her adoptive father’s sexual assault, despite the mission’s assertions that it was addressing the matter by escaping.

Marietjie Bothma, an actress and radio broadcaster, traveled from her house in Thembisa to her close friend Thabang Mochela’s home in the Vaal to “rest” two weeks ago.

They had no idea they would be spending their final days together. Bothma, also known as Intombi Yomzulu, died Monday at the Kopanong Hospital in Vereeniging after a brief illness. She was forty years old.

She won the public’s hearts when she appeared in a pie commercial speaking Zulu and starred in some of Mzansi’s most popular soapies. She also addressed the inauguration of former President Jacob Zuma.