Sophie Abbatangelo husband Is Tyson Ord. The couple got married and has two children, a son and a daughter.

Looking through her Instagram feed, the first picture of Tyson she posted was in April 2013. In a swimming pool, the couple was enjoying each other’s company. Thus, the general consensus is that the two began dating around that time.

Abbatangelo, an Australian rules footballer who plays for the North Melbourne Football Club in the AFLW, was nominated for Goal of the Year in February. Sophie spent a lot of her childhood watching her family’s male members play football. As a result, she became interested in sports.

Abbatangelo opened up about her mental health early in the season. Her mother was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in 2009, just one year after graduating from high school. This diagnosis precipitated Abbatangelo’s personal battle with mental health issues.

Quick Facts About Sophie Abbatangelo

Full NameSophie Abbatangelo
Age32 years
Married StatusMarried
Husband’s NameTyson Ord
Net Worth$2 million

Meet Sophie Abbatangelo Husband Tyson Ord

Sophie Abbatangelo recently tied the knot with her husband and longtime partner Tyson Ord.

The pair have been together for over a decade and are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Hendrix and Meika.

Sophie has uploaded several pictures of her husband, Tyson, with her children on her Instagram. Recently on October 25, she posted a picture with him with the caption, “Happy birthday to our unicorn.” Turns out it was Tyson’s birthday.

Her first picture with him dates back to April 2013. The 32-year-old shared the photo with her husband, in which the two of them could be seen enjoying an excellent time in a swimming pool.

Unfortunately, Sophie and Tyson’s wedding details had not surfaced since the couple kept their dating relationship and subsequent marriage very quiet before they were married.

What Does Sophie Abbatangelo Husband Tyson Ord Do For A Living?

AFLW star’s husband, Tyson Ord, has a lot of experience in the business of marketing and sales. Over the course of his career in this field, Tyson has accumulated more than ten years of experience.

At the Audi Centre Richmond, where Tyson worked, he was an associate sales manager. His profession there began in February 2011 and lasted until May 2014, when he decided to leave.

After that, Tyson started working with an organization that was later called Ecocycle. Within the organization, they decided to promote him to National Sales Manager. It has been more than eight years since Tyson started working for the recycling firm.

Aside from his professional life, Tyson also plays a highly supportive role as a husband and the best father of their two children. However, his Instagram is kept private.

Mother Of Two – Sophie Abbatangelo And Her Kids

Kangaroos star player Sophie Abbatangelo is the mother of two adorable kids, Hendrix (9) and Meika (7).

The determined forward, now 32 years old, reflects on balancing job and motherhood, helping her children adjust to school, and experiencing childhood with them. She began her debut in ASLW in 2018 when Hendrix was five years old.

The family has a home not far from the water, and they sign their children up for bush kinder once a week.

“I hope my kids will grow up to be kind,’ she said. ‘That’s the most important trait I can teach them, whether it’s standing up to someone or opening a door for someone else, kindness goes further than anyone can imagine.”

Sophie often takes them to her games, and after the game, they would go for dinner or sometimes visit the parks nearby. Besides, she has more pictures of her kids on her Instagram than hers.

They have been the rock upon which she has been able to lean and draw strength during all difficult moments. And she always feels privileged to be their mom. In April 2020 post, Sophie penned,” now you obvs know where the kids get their looks from.” on a picture of her kids and husband hugging together.

Some FAQs

Who is Sophie Abbatangelo husband?

Sophie Abbatangelo has been married to her husband Tyson Ord. The two have been together for more than a decade.

How many children does Sophie Abbatangelo have?

ASLW star Sophie Abbatangelo has two kids with her partner Tyson. They are Hendrix, 9 years old and Meika, 7 years old. Home 

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