Who Are Stephanie Ruhle Husband And Children? Stephanie Ruhle is married to an American businessman Andy Hubbard and has three children.

She hosts The 11 Hour and is a Senior Business Analyst for NBC News.

She was born on December 24, 1975, to Frank and Louis Ruhle and was raised in Park Ridge, New Jersey. Talking about her early life, she earned her bachelor’s degree in international business from Lehigh University in 1997.

As a part of her course, she also had to participate in different projects in Guatemala, Italy, and Kenya. In 2017, she came back to Lehigh for commencement.
After graduating, Stephanie started working in the field of finance industries.

She worked for Credit Sussie in hedge fund sales and slowly got promoted to higher posts. Similarly, she was a part of Deutsche Bank since 2003 as a credit salesperson who looked after hedge funds.

She worked there for eight years and resigned from the job when she was a managing director in Global Market Senior Relationship Management. When she was a part of Deutsche Bank, she became a founder of the Market Women’s Network and led the team toward leadership.

In total, Stephaine Rule has 14 years of experience in the finance world.

While hosting “Bloomberg Go,” she has worked with many people like Kobe Bryant, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, Kanye West, Miami Heat Star Dwane Wade, and so on.

She became one of the top news reporters to be the bearer of breaking news like the 2012 JP Morgan Chase trading loss. Besides that, she was also a producer and host of a documentary called Haiti: Open For Business, released in 2015. The documentary portrayed Haiti’s growing market five years after the devastating earthquake hit it.

Rhule also hosted Shark Land, a show which televised the plight of sharks at one of the islands in Costa Rica, Cocos Island.

Above mentioned works are just a part of her contributions. She is also a columnist for “Shape” magazine and has also been on the cover of “Working Mother” in 2012.

After leaving Bloomberg, she joined MSNBC Reports, where she worked as a part of the network’s different shows. She worked there for many years, and in 2022 she was considered a new permanent anchor of The 11th Hour.

Talking about her other achievements, she is a part of different organizations like CIB Women’s Network, Woman on Wall Street steering committee, Girls Inc., 100 Women in Hedge Funds, and React To Film.

As of 2022, Rhule has almost a $5 million net worth. She and her husband have been associated with the corporate world and are active on social media. She posts about herself, her children, and her husband. She has about 198k followers on her Instagram.

Stephanie Ruhle Husband And Children – Meet Andy Hubbard

Stephanie Ruhle’s husband, Andy Hubbard, is an American businessman and current Head of Business Development at Ruhle’s Inc.

Andy and Stephanie first met when they were trying for one of the training programs at Credit Suisse. After getting to know each other more, they started dating each other, and after years of relationship, the couple tied the knot in 2002. In one of the online magazines, the couple was listed as Wall Street’s Hottest Power Couple.

Now the couple has three children, two boys, and one girl. They are currently living in Manhattan in a mansion worth $7.5 million.

Andy Hubbard was born around the mid-1970s. Per his LinkedIn profile, he went to Princeton University and got a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (BS).

He worked as a derivatives marketer for Credit Suisse for around three years after graduating. He continued to work there until being promoted to Associate Manager. He quit Credit Sussie in 2000 and started working for Kiodex, a new business. He spent nearly three years there as the Head of Product Development till 2003.

Then he moved to Deutsche Bank in 2003 and worked there for about a year as a vice president in Equity Derivative Prop Trading. Later, she joined Credit Sussie, where he worked for ten years as a Managing Director. He was a Head of US Structured Credit Derivatives in Trading.

He was also a Managing Director at UBS O’Conner from 2014 to 2015. Andy has a lot of experience in the sector of finance, just like his wife does.

Finally, in August 2018, he joined HuasMarket, becoming the Co-CEO. HuasMarket is a mobile application that allows sellers and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services directly to others via mobile service.

Now Andy is the Sales and Business Development Manager at Ruhle Companies Inc., an automation manufacturing company, and he joined in January 2020.

Andy Hubbard is also a Board Member of Achievement First Brooklyn. He has been a member there since January 2010.

From all his past working experiences, he has been earning quite well. As of 2022, he has a net worth of $2 million.

Despite having an engineering degree, Andy never actually worked as an engineer. His career was mostly associated with banking and finance. He is also called a businessman and a banker due to the fact that he has multiple experiences in financial institutions.

While he was at Princeton, he was considered an enthusiastic Lacrosse player.

He has a younger brother, Jess Hubbard, but other information about his family and background has not been public.

He has different social media accounts but could be more active there. Sometimes he posts about his wife, Stephanie Ruhle. Despite having a spouse who is quite a known media personality, Andy seems to keep his personal life quite lowkey!

Does Stephanie Ruhle Have Children?

Stephanie Rhule has three children.

Andy Hubbard has been married to the famous host of MSNBC News, Stephanie Rhule. The couple dated while working at the same place, Credit Sussie, and married a few years later.

Stephanie Rhule and Andy Hubbard have two boys and one girl named Harrison, Drew, and Reese.

The family now lives in a million-dollar mansion in Manhattan. Before that, they lived in a $5.2 million condo in Tribeca, which they sold later. Home Stephanie Ruhle Husband And Children

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