Who Is Tiana Penitani Father Solomon Penitani? Tiana Penitani is an English rugby league footballer who was born to Solomon and Renee Penitani.

The athlete plays for the Parramatta Eels in the NRL Women’s Premiership and the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in the NSWRL Women’s Premiership.

Tiana is of Tongan descent and represents both Australia and New South Wales. She has also represented Australia in rugby sevens and played junior rugby league for La Perouse United.


Quick facts on Tiana Penitani

NameTiana Penitani
Date of birthJanuary 12, 1996
BirthplaceCanberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Height5 feet and 7 inches
ParentsSolomon Penitani and Renee Penitani
SiblingsNatasha Penitani, Ney Ney Penitani, and Noa Penitani
PartnerAaron Gray



The Story Of Tiana Penitani Father Solomon Penitani

The late father of the rugby league footballer Tiana Penitani Solomon Penitani couldn’t witness his daughter achieve her dream and reach the top.

Solomon was shot three times over a minor dispute with an associate at Churchill’s Sports Bar in Kingsford on the 26th of April 2008; Tiana was only 12 when she had to let her dad go to God’s side.


A childhood picture of Tiana Penitani with his beloved father, Solomon Penitani.
A childhood picture of Tiana Penitani with his beloved father, Solomon Penitani. ( Source : instagram )


However, the athlete never let the grief take over her, and she always believes that her angel father is leading and guiding their family’s way. Although papa Penitani is gone, he always lives in his loved one’s hearts and memories; they miss him every day and will never get forgotten.


Tiana Penitani Parents: Meet Her Mom And Dad

Penitani was born to her beloved parents in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; she loves her father, Solomon Penitani, and idolizes her mother, Renee Penitani.

The rugby league footballer has always been grateful to her mom and dad for giving her a precious life, and she always shares how much she misses the absence of Solomon in her life.


Tiana Penitani's mom and dad look so beautiful together.
Tiana Penitani’s mom and dad look so beautiful together. ( Source : instagram )


Renee is her rock and backbone, who always supports and drives her to pursue her dreams and reach the sky. Despite losing her partner of 16 years in misery, she never gave up on her children and has taken good care of them; momma Penitani worked up to four jobs simultaneously to make ends meet.

Tiana has posted many beautiful memories she has collected throughout her life with the amazing people who welcomed her into the world on her social networking sites to cherish them with her fans. 

Tiana Penitani Has Two Sisters And A Brother

The rugby league footballer has gotten blessed to spend her life with three siblings by her side; she has two sisters, Natasha Penitani & Ney Ney Penitani, and a brother Noa Penitani. 

The youngest Penitani Ney Ney is her favorite sibling; she is 15 years old, born in 2007, and commemorates her birthday annually on the 22nd of January under the star sign Aquarius.


Tiana Penitani always has her sibling's support in every step of her life.
Tiana Penitani always has her sibling’s support in every step of her life. ( Source : instagram )


Likewise, Natasha celebrates her born day on the 30th of November, and her zodiac is Sagitarrius; furthermore, she goes by the username @tashpenitani on Instagram and has accumulated 7.9k followers with 29 posts. 

Similarly, Noa is active on social media under the handle @talanoa.penitani and has made five attachments on his Instagram account. Moreover, he has accumulated 3.7k followers as of the 3rd of October, 2022.

Tiana Penitani Siblings Are Also Into Athletics

 Tiana is not the only child who has pursued an athletic career; her siblings followed in her footsteps in playing football.

The rugby league footballer influenced her sister and brother to participate in sports. Noa attended Endeavour Sports High School and played rugby league for his high school team. Furthermore, he got selected for the Southern Sydney Metro Zone U15 Rugby Union team in 2019.


Tiana Penitani and her sister Natasha Penitani
Tiana Penitani and her sister Natasha Penitani played rugby together in July 2022. ( Source : instagram )


Likewise, Natasha made his debut for Tonga Women on the 25th of June 2022; moreover, the athlete made a post on the 9th of June 2022 with Parramatta Eels center with the caption ‘How cool is playing finals footy with my big sis ?.’ She has also shared a few moments with her team on her social networking sites to cherish them for a lifetime.

Tiana Penitani Partner Is A Former NRL Winger

Penitani is in a relationship with the professional rugby league footballer Aaron Gray who last played in the NRL for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks.


Tiana Penitani and Aaron Gray attended the Daily M Awards 2022 together. ( Source : instagram )


Aaron played his junior rugby league for the Mascot Jets before playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs’s NYC team from 2012 to 2014. Furthermore, the former footballer made his NRL debut in Round 8 of the 2015 NRL season for Souths against the Canberra Raiders.

Gray also represented NSW City in the annual City vs. Country Origin match against NSW Country. He later signed with the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in 2017 while making his debut for the team in 2018, and the club released him in 2020.

Tiana And Aaron Are Getting Married In November

The power couple began dating in 2013 and has been together for almost a decade. Tiana and Aaron commemorated their 9th love anniversary on the 12th of July 2022.

The athletes have been through highs and lows together and come a long way; furthermore, they are engaged and looking forward to tying the knot to spend the rest of their life together.


Tiana Penitani flaunting the engagement ring with her fiancé Aaron Gray. ( Source : instagram )


The former NRL winger got down on his knees to ask his lover to be his forever in 2018; the rugby league footballer shared the moment on the 19th of May on her Instagram. The pair also celebrated their engagement with their close ones in November 2019.

Furthermore, Penitani revealed that she would walk down the aisle with the love of her life on the 12th of November 2022 through an Instagram post. Their marriage is two months away, and she chose herself over football for the first time in ten years by prioritizing her wedding over the World Cup selection for the Jillaroos


Does Tiana Penitani Have Kids?

Despite being together with Aaron for nine years, they haven’t started a family yet as they always focused on their career instead of settling down.


Tiana Penitani and Aaron Gray will exchange wedding vows on the 12th of November 2022. ( Source : instagram )


The power couple has yet to welcome their child together as Tiana has never announced expecting a child or giving birth to a beautiful soul to the media.

Penitani has always been an open book, and she often updates her fans about her lifestyle and achievements through her Instagram account @tianapenitani. Furthermore, she has made 254 posts and accumulated 57.3k followers on her verified social network. However, the rugby league footballer has made no attachments with her little ones or hinted at having one. 


Some FAQs

What happened to Tiana Penitani’s father?

Tiana Penitani’s father lost his life to three gunshots on the 26th of April 2008 at Churchill’s Sports Bar in Kingsford.

Does Tiana Penitani have siblings?

Yes, Tiana Penitani has gotten blessed with three siblings, of which two play rugby league.

Who is Tiana Penitani’s partner?

The former professional rugby league footballer Aaron Gray is the long-time partner of Tiana Penitani; they have been together for nine years.

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