As a young adult, it is quiet normal on your part to ponder about sex, develop sexual feelings and have an urge to grasp hold of your own body. And it is on this basis that you might be wondering what does it actually mean to get involved into an intimately sexual relationship. To get yourself engaged into asexual alliance is an important choice since it revolves not only around you, but also your emotions to a larger extent for you need to be determined of the fact that it is the correct decision for you.The exerting influence of sex creates a sumptuous and pleasurable sensitivity so much so that this feeling is considered the intense amongst all.To be precise, how the sensuous appetite of post-sex lingers for quite a while, depends upon your self-gratification. Sex is fun, sex is aesthetically pleasing and doing it safely is always the best choice, although condoms are often said to demolish the enjoyment of the wild pace of a great sex feeling.

5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

Always remember that there’s nothing more precious than one’s health, for a wrong decision can change your life forever.  Condoms act a protective shield and is worthy enough of diminishing the risk of various diseases. But, if you ever think of going erotic and deriving pleasure with your partner’s body by abandoning the protection, here are the list of five things which should be analyzed carefully before going for an unprotected sex so that you do not regret later on:



To have a conversation regarding how to prevent sexually transmitted infections should be your foremost concern when it comes to having an unprotected sex.Cases of STI, including HIV are increasing, as a result of which a mere decision of having an unprotected sex will eventually put your health at a risk. So, if you have sex without condom the possible chances of getting an STI are increased. Interestingly enough, these sort of infections does not always occur with a pre hand warning of symptoms, rather takes place without even you being aware of it! Which means that you might not even know that you are affected by this kind of an infectious disease. One will also be surprised to hear the factual truth that around a quarter of people doesn’t even know that they have been affected by HIV! An unidentified STI, acts as a possible threat of outspreading infection to others especially when you have vaginal intercourse, anal sex or an oral sex. At times you might feel embarrassed to discuss, but these issues shouldn’t be ignored and must be conversed with your partner. Your health is of primary importance, then getting engaged into few moments of pleasure, hence feel free to speak to your better half. Although the contraceptive sheath such as condoms are not totally effectual yet, they intensely diminish the accidental probabilities of contracting the sexually transmitted infections.When you go for an anal sex, there are higher possibilities of contracting HIV. When pleasure and passion outreaches its epitome of sexual urge, you might desire to warm up the bed exclusive of the usage of condom. And this kind of a decision in the hit of the moment can change your life in the worse way for always.


5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

Sex is something that is likely to be shared with a touch of both a physical as well as an emotional connection usually required in order to make the bonding between you and your partner much stronger, so that the romp session turns out well. Nevertheless, it is at the same time also important to realize how trust and assurance between two sexual partners plays a crucial role too, with both sides knowing that they have practiced good sexual health. Alarmingly, that doesn’t seem like the case.It is therefore really very important to query about his or her sexual history, together with if he or she has had any sexually transmitted infections, and also the prevention methods you plan to use. You should be ready to talk confidentially regarding any health concern involving your sexual choices and not feel judged. Remember there is always a risk of getting a virus that can cause cancer or AIDS, if you get engaged into a sexual intercourse. If you aren’t the only person that your partner is sleeping with that increases the chances of you contracting an STI. It is not possible for us to be informed of the fact whether the mating of the partners entwined by undergoing sex is hygienic or not. Therefore, keeping this in mind it is always recommended to use a protection to prevent future complications.


To undergo a medical test is perhaps one of the fastest and easiest method to specifically provide a chart of your protection before sex and in return tells a lot about where you stand. When both you and your partner test together (bearing in mind that you can do so in the privacy of your own home with individual at home STD test kits that can be used to test for a particular STD or multiple ones) what you are actually emphasizing is on the fact that“I’m worth it, and I think your worth it too.”If you think of an unprotected sex, then the only way to get a hundred percent assurance is only when you and your respective partner is clean to go for a medically approved test together.To be conscious of your own sexual health status can comfort anxieties that springs in your way with regard to certain fixed decisions. Hence,before opting for an unprotected sex it is recommended that you and your partner gets tested. This not only helps in detecting antibodies but also antigens as well, which could mean earlier detection for you and your partner.Bacterial STI’s like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be passed into partners if you go for unprotected sex. Moreover, most of the risk involved do not even need an intercourse such as Syphilis; for its the heavy petting that takes it all. In order to avoid all these risks, testing just makes sense. If you and your partner have a cleansed bill of health it will not only provide a strong attachment between you both, but also build in a trust of positivity and certainty. But this situation turns out to be more favorable only when the sexual relationship is pure and wholesome in particular.


5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

Getting engaged into an unprotected sex with your partner puts you at a high risk of getting diseases, especially when you both gets drown into the ocean of drugs on certain occasions. Usage of Drugs increases the probable chances of deteriorating your sexual health in the worst way than you would have otherwise thought of. Taking recreational or illicit drugs with HIV antiviral drugs can be dangerous.Biological drugs that works by injecting needles increases the chances of contracting STI’S due to the transmission of blood and other bodily fluids. The infections related to drug use that are of the greatest concern are HIV and hepatitis. While many use drugs to increase sex, many also find that these drugs affecting their capacity to get or carry on an erection. This makes the clear-cut temptation to have a sexual intercourse without the usecondoms, thereby placing sexual health at risk to a large extent if drugs are impairing your decision making. If you are going to use drugs during sex, be informed of their consequence on your libido. Therefore, use condoms and check them regularly.


5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

5 Things to consider before having unprotected sex!

At the end of the day what matters the most is a proper concern towards your health without neglecting it in either way. To opt for a family planning or not solely depends upon both you and your partner’s decision. However, if getting pregnant is not in your priority list for the time being then remember there are higher chances of you conceiving if you go for an unprotected sex. You will have the maximum possibility of pregnancy by going through an unprotected sex one or two days before your ovulation. Therefore, when you are having sex, without any exception pregnancy is always a real possibility. Always remember that like other fun activities, Sex comes with definite risks if you are not using protection and sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancies are the most threatening ones that takes place. Until and unless you use an effective birth control you are bound to get pregnant at any time whenever you will turn on into a sexual intercourse.Condoms will provide some protection against infection and can prevent pregnancy over 80% of the time when used properly. The only hundred percent successful way to avoid pregnancy is to restrain yourself from having sex. But then if you want to conceive and start having family plans then its altogether a different issue, for which you do not need to have an unprotected sex.

First give a thought and then examine. For your safety lies in your decisions!

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