Men act all confident and bold when it comes to sex. But in their minds, they too think a lot about it. Intimacy is an important issue for them too. Even though they try to act all cool about it, they have their own insecurities. They hardly express them, unlike women. When they are in a long-term relationship, it is harder for them. All women have insecurities regarding their bodies and men have insecurities about their performance. They face these issues, these insecurities while having sex. Just like women, they too need assurance which they hardly seem to get.

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

Does Sex Cause Anxiety In Men? How Does Sex Affect A Man’s Mind?

Yes, sex does cause anxiety in men. It instills doubts about their performance. Men have always had the pressure to keep up with the standards set by the society. A man is always expected to take the first step and expected to know it all. This creates anxiety in a man because it may be his first time too, you know. How is he supposed to do everything perfectly? Even he can slip up. This insecurity always lingers in his mind while having sex. This is a big issue on a man’s mind. Apart from these men face several other issues as well.

Unlike what everyone thinks, a man doesn’t account sex only to be physical. He does consider it as a link to bond on an emotional level too, until and unless he has intimacy issues. Men are known to prefer one night stands and no strings attached kind of sex, but somewhere even they crave the love. They too want to make love and pleasure someone they love rather than screwing someone they have just met at the bar or a party. Sure, Sex is important for men but they have their own intimate needs too. Believe it or not, some men do like cuddling. But they can’t admit it so openly like women do. It is just the way society works.

Not all the men have same insecurities and issues, some may just have negligible ones while same may have major issues. So read on to know a few issues men might face while having sex with a woman. [Read: 5 Sex positions that women love the most!]

If He Is Pleasuring Her The Way She Expects

Men do aim to please. When it comes to sex they don’t just think about themselves, they think about their partners too. This is one such issue men have in their minds while sex. If they have a strong connection with whom they are having sex with then their insecurity regarding this will be even more. They try to pleasure a woman and fulfill her needs just the way she wants. If they are not giving enough pleasure then it is most likely that they do not know how to rather then them not wanting to pleasure her. If it is so then the partner should let him know and guide him for better sex.

Issues Relating To Performance

Sometimes guys do have issues related to performance and these might create havoc in their minds while having sex. These insecurities and issues weigh heavily on guy’s mind. It is also said that guys do have or have had performance anxiety issues or dysfunctional issues at least once in their life. And if it is about some sexual dysfunction then he is more likely to worry about it more. Here, communication plays a main role. A guy should communicate about this with his partner because a woman cannot come to know of the dysfunction by herself. [Read: The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!]

To Keep Her Interested

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

I know most of the women reading this didn’t expect this point, but sadly it’s true. Some men also have insecurities regarding this that women might lose interest in the sex. And no we are not talking about losing interest while having sex (because that’s unlikely when you are in the mid of it) but what we are talking about is when sex starts to become a routine. When a woman stops showing interest in their sex life, a guy’s mind conjures it up as something to do with him, which is an issue weighing on his mind. It would be the same if the situations were reversed of course. [Read: 6 Sexy Things your man wants you to do more often!]

Her Ex(s)

A man will be the happiest if he is the first in a woman’s life, but such situations are rare. Now, when he is not her first then automatically a certain thought and insecurities will trouble him when it comes to sex. The fact that her ex might already know how to pleasure and all her sweet spots will create insecurity in him. It is obvious that he is going to compare himself to her. Even if this insecurity isn’t that prominent in him, this thought might have at least crossed his mind once and if he disagrees then he is lying. He might also worry about his performance not being up to her ex’s performance.

Her Response To His Issues And Insecurities

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

5 Thoughts And Issues On A Man’s Mind While Having Sex

If a guy has been courageous enough to let a woman know about his insecurities then a woman should be non-judgmental and open about it. You see, sex is a two-way street and you both should be able to know what satisfies you or pleasures you. She shouldn’t be afraid to tell him what he can do to make it better for her and same way she should also ask him what she could be doing differently. Just like a man assures a woman about her insecurities regarding her body, a woman should be doing the same when it comes to his insecurities.

So you see, men have insecurities just like women do. They too want to build up an emotional connection while having sex. They care what you feel and they care about your needs too. Communication is the key here. Both the partners should be willing to open up to each other about their insecurities and issues. You shouldn’t have any problem discussing your own sex life because when you can have sex, why can’t you talk about it? If you can’t then you have a lot to work on right now. A man will not admit even if he has these issues so a woman should also approach this sensitively but nonetheless approach it. Mere few words and assurance from a woman can build the confidence in a man.

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