Sex is a sacred space. Unless you are absolutely comfortable with your partner during sex, you will never be able to enjoy the moment or derive pleasure from it. So, it is absolutely essential that you are not just comfortable in your own skin but also around the person you engage in sex with. It doesn’t matter what kind of sex you have, whether aggressive or the slow romantic, what matter is how relaxed you are. This to a great extent is determined by the kind of relationship you share with your partner.

5 Ways to be more comfortable with your partner during sex

5 Ways to be more comfortable with your partner during sex

Agree or not, if you have issues in being sexually comfortable around this person, there will be other larger issues that will raise their ugly heads later in the relationship. So, you need to make the effort to create that sense of ease when you are together. With little inputs every day, you can work on being comfortable with your partner. Being comfortable around your partner is not just a problem for people who have been together for quite some time. Here are a few ways in which you can enhance your sexual intimacy by being comfortable with your partner during sex:

Try giving each other more time

To share a great rapport with your partner, you need to invest more time into each other. Go out more, date more even if you have been together for some time, travel together and engage in a hobby together. The better you engage with him non- sexually, the greater your compatibility will stand out. You cannot expect to have steamy chemistry in the bedroom if you share that comfort level outside. If you have issues with each other, you should work on sorting that out sooner. This will help in building the closeness and creating the heat in the bedroom. [Read: 7 Reasons why spending too much time together can hurt your marriage!]

Communicate what you expect from him

It is important that you can let your partner know what you expect in the bedroom. If you are shy or intimidated to let him know what your boundaries are and what you like or dislike, then it will be difficult for you to coordinate and do better to work on sexual intimacy. So, make the effort to let your man know what you like and ask him what his fantasies are. Discuss if you would like to explore and experiment with each other. You might actually enjoy sharing things openly with this person and build the anticipation.

Eliminate any distraction

 5 Ways to be more comfortable with your partner during sex

Gadgets can be a huge distraction. You partner may feel left out. In order to make your partner comfortable, you should make the effort to make them feel desirable. Make sure all your senses are involved when you are having sex. Unless you are able to concentrate and give your undivided attention to each other, sex will never be fun. You have to be present in the moment and engage all your senses in the act to experience the best kind of intimacy.  Keep your worries and fears outside the bedroom. Just enjoy each other’s presence and concentrate on making it the best time for each other. You should be able to focus on him for the moment. Most importantly keep your gadgets out of reach. [Read: 10 Signs your man will give you a good time in bed!]

Try and be open


Be positive in the bedroom. Staying negative even during the act will be a turn off for your partner. The point is to have fun and enjoy together and not tear each other away from a negative attitude. Meditate to eliminate stress. If you exhibit a positive attitude, your partner will be equally interested in  giving you a good time. After all, what is the point in spoiling your moods with something that needs to be kept outside bedroom discussions? So, have faith in each other and be open to trying out newer things with an increased confidence, If you chose to had sex with this person, there is definitely things in him you liked, So, focus on them and get wild together.

Control the pace

Rushing is never a good idea when it comes to having sex. Be calm and do things with patience keeping in mind what your partner enjoys the most. When you are slow, you build the anticipation and can stay more in control of what you wish to do and expect to be done to you. Your partner may not be as experienced a you. So, they might be expecting you to take things slow and give them the time to make themselves acquainted with your likes and dislikes. So, be open to their ideas and inhibitions. Talk it out and they will feel much better in confiding and baring their souls and bodies to you. [Read: 7 Ways to communicate during sex!]

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