How does Zodiac affect your sex life?

We are back with our articles on daily horoscope! Over here, we will discuss how the sex life of an individual is influenced by their zodiac sign!

Ever wondered how our personalities and lives are – to an extent – moulded by the imaginary belt of the heavens? Ever wondered about the intensity of its impact on our sex lives? Well, here’s an article for all, that determines the impact of the zodiac signs on the sexual behaviour and activities of an individual.

Read on to figure out how your zodiac sign impacts upon your sex life!

Aries – Doggy-Style

 Have you noticed how Aries are always insanely bossy? They expect everyone to obey them and will force their idea of fun and pleasure upon others.

They are energetic and give their full power in bed. Of course they love to take charge in bed too, in a sexy beast-like manner. Therefore, the Ram loves to take control and ram its partner from the back.

Taurus – Missionary Lovers

Most of the Taurus people you come across are usually lazy and laid back. They’re chill yet quite romantic from time to time (whether they mean it or not).

They love to relax, lie down under and set the pace and position for their partner so that they are being thrusted right.

Gemini – Talk Dirty To Me

How does Zodiac affect your sex life?

The Geminis are curious and always looking to discover new things and positions. Their inquisitive nature brings out the best in them in bed! They love to explore new positions, techniques, be kinky and even talk dirty to you in bed.

Oh just thinking of my last Gemini lover makes me wet! If you’re sleeping with a Gemini, be sure to get ready for some kinky and glorious sex.

Cancer – Makes Sweet Love

Cancerians are emotional beings. No matter who they’re doing it with, they’re going to do it with love, lots of emotional folly and love! They are going to love the living moonlights out of you.

Cuddle you while doing you, wrap you in his or her arm, kiss you the entire time – simply put, they’re going to make the sweetest love to you.

Leo – On Fire

The Lion’s on fire in bed, literally. They will scream, seduce and make you come a million types before letting you go. The Lion craves attention too, and needs you to pleasure them in different surprising ways to show your appreciation.

Given a mirror, a Leo wouldn’t mind watching his/her reflection while at it – in fact the Leo would get incredibly turned on. Take out a camera to see the wildest form of Leo in action!

Virgo – Very Basic Sex

Virgos strictly adhere to the bed and at the most, may be, a sofa. They don’t want to have sex in the most insane places ever! All they want is some romantic sex in their own safe and secure bedroom free from intrusions, and absolutely legal.

Stimulate their clitoris to make them wet and orgasm. Delight them with orals from time to time. For they are very technical and methodical creatures, they believe in getting to the point and accomplishing the goal of orgasm that they are looking for.

Libra – Sensual Seduction

How does Zodiac affect your sex life?

Libras won’t scream, jump and have the dirtiest, naughtiest sex with you, but the sex you have with them will surely be one of your favourites. A night with a woman you will not forget.

She will climb on top, make you look at nothing but her, grind you, fuck you, and come all over you. They will kiss and make you nibble at their breasts, and rub their clitoris hot in the most sensual and seductive ways possible.

Scorpio – Selfish Lovers

A scorpion is quite manipulative and will trick their partner(s) into going to bed with them. They are a horny bunch, and should be used by all the others zodiacs as merely sex toys for they fuck without emotion.

All they care about is their own orgasm. If you don’t want it that hard, he/she will still push and force themselves into you to come. You will enjoy the sex if you’re in it for nothing but the pleasure of fucking. Don’t go to a scorpion for sex if you want your emotional needs satisfied though.

Sagittarius – Multiple Partners

A Sagittarius moves from one partner to another. They feel they are free and crave adventure, therefore they have the most number of sexual partners.

A Sagittarius usually does not commit themselves to one single person too easily, even if they do, most times they get too bored to make it last. So on and on they go, on this adventure ride of theirs, sleeping with different people and tasting life as it’s meant of be tasted.

Capricorn – Boring!

No offence, guys. But capricorns can be a little boring and unamusing in bed. They will stick to one position, hump till their job is done. Or relax, while taking it from their partner.

Either way, they are not really up for experiments. Having sex with a Capricorn won’t be particularly boring if you’re doing it right and making things hot by setting the right mood and moment. So bring out the best playlist, dim the lights and get to business!

Aquarius – Craziness in Bed

How does Zodiac affect your sex life?

An aquarian is awesome to not only have sex with but also to hang around with! They don’t judge you for doing the things you do, in fact, they encourage you to go out of your way and live the life you have always wanted to live!

But the most chill and easygoing sign has a crazy side to them too! They have the kinkiest fetishes ranging from orgies to sex in a public transport while the rest of the passengers watch. They are daring, wild and the kind of people you could absolutely go crazy and lose your mind with! A fabulous friend and fuckbuddy but also a loyal lover (if they think you deserve their loyalty) when in a relationship.

You will never forget your night with an Aquarian.

Pisces – Be Kind While You Grind

Pisceans are soft-natured, kind lovers. They tend to make love, and not just have sex for the sake of it. A Pisces loves to cuddle and canoodle. Very much like Cancer, Pisces are emotional beings too. They get attached very easily and fall for the person they go to bed with.

When a Pisces decides to go to bed with you, it means they want something more from you. They always put the needs of their partners first, and go out of their way to be kind and sexy both in bed and in life. So take care of your Pisces friend as best as you can!

Tell us how accurate this post was and all the things you feel that need to be rectified! There’s a comment section below. Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading!


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