Marriage is tough. One of the most prevalent problems that couples face is keeping things exciting. I mean, after all, spending your life with the same person for so long can be difficult. The lifestyle that we live these days also affects our sexual relations. If both you and your husband have jobs then your sex life has definitely taken a toll. A satisfying sex life is extremely important for a healthy marriage. So, if you find yourself in this standstill in your sex life, you need to start paying attention. But how do you attract your husband in bed? These tips will help you get your sex life back on track.

attract husband sexually

attract husband sexually

How to Dress for Your Husband in Bed?

A physical activity requires physical attraction. You can’t just go to bed in your pajamas and expect him to want to have sex after a tiring day. Your goal is to excite your husband. For that, you need to look your sexy best. For starters, groom yourself well. Take care of your skin. Make sure you moisturize regularly. And whatever your stand on hair removal is, be regular about it. If you are trying to excite him in bed again, then try to take his expectations into consideration too.

Invest in lingerie. Your lingerie isn’t just there to support your privates. It is the gateway to your sex appeal. The more you invest in nightwear like a bustier, rompers, black or red lingerie with garters, the more appealing you become. These are also ways of communicating your interest in having sex. The texture of your nightwear also matters. There are clothes that are heavenly to touch and he would love to feel you in that. So, when investing in your nightwear or lingerie, opt for cashmere, silk, suede, faux fur, etc.

Sex is an experience and it should feel like one too. So, it would really help you smell good, taste good, and feel good. Invest in scented oils, shampoos, and flavored creams, that induce a sensual feeling in your husband.

Let Your Interest Be Known

Talk about your desire to have sex. Most couples don’t discuss these issues. Sometimes we feel that sex is something that should happen on its own. But it requires effort and communication. So, talk about having sex. This doesn’t just involve direct communication. Include racy references in your regular conversations. Use phrases with a sexual undertone. Insinuate your desires. Communicate your desires physically as well. The way you carry yourself around your husband can have a great deal to say about how you feel.

Massages and other Relaxants

There’s a reason why there is a sensuality attached to a masseur. Massage is the most erotic form of making someone relax. Not only does it ease the body it even eases the mind. If your sex life is in turmoil because of a hectic life, then you need to take some time to learn a few massage techniques. Body massages when done right can have a very erotic effect.

One such massage is the Tantric Rub. While the Tantric Rub is not something you can learn in a day, having a few tricks up your sleeve will help your sex life a great deal. This massage is based on the use of sexual energies to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Specific sensual touches are used to arouse the body. The effort you put into learning itself will be stimulating enough.

Stay Up-To-Date with All His Activities

 sex in marriage

 One of the reasons you are facing problems in the bed could be your ignorance. Men need to be babied. Even the most mature of them are not free of the desire of being the center of attention. A woman who ignores them should not expect any attention from them in return. To keep your husband sexually attracted to you, you need to pay attention to his life. Ask him about his work during the hours when you are not trying to have sex. This will allow you to know what’s happening in his life. This knowledge will allow you to make a move at the right time. Knowing when he needs sex can also work to your benefit. This will also create a dependence on you. He knows that you know what he needs in every situation.

Don’t Be Shy About Wanting to Have Sex

We are taught that good girls don’t have sex. And that is fine and well till you are single. But you are a married woman now. That means you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it. In fact, being confident about your desires itself is erotic. The transition will be difficult if you have given in to what is expected of you. But what if what you think was expected of you was actually false? Men like to know that you enjoy having sex with him. So, if you can’t open up about your desires easily, then at least let him know that you enjoy it. Start doing that and things can get better from there. Let him know that you had fun last night. Or that he made you feel great.

Take Care of Your Fitness and Health

Being healthy and fit is a form of sexy. There is an obvious reason for this. the more in shape you are the more attracted your husband will be to you. But a more important and less obvious reason is the extent to which your own ability gets affected. Sex is an experience that demands a lot of energy and stamina. If you lack these things then you won’t even have the desire for it. If you lack the desire, then even if you force yourself to have sex, it won’t be remotely fulfilling. For him or for you. exercise helps boost stamina. That will ensure that you stay in the game for long. So, even if you’ve had a long day, you would still have the energy to be a lioness in the bed.

Be Open to Experimenting

experiment with sex with husband

experiment with sex with husband

Maybe you have sex regularly. But it isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. It is possible the problem is not in you or in him. The problem is the routine. Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. You need to spice things up every now and then. So, try to be open to experimenting in the bed. Look up new positions and ways to make your sex life exciting. Roleplay is a fun way to take things up a notch. Follow this advice for example, on using roleplay to spice things up. But there are a couple of things that you shouldn’t forget. First, don’t feel shy about exploring these things on your own. And second, don’t do what you are not comfortable doing.

Sex is an essential part of your married life and relationship in general. If it weren’t, then you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. An unfulfilling sex life can show its effects on the relationship and vice versa. So, if despite your efforts, things haven’t improved between you and your husband, then you should consider seeing a marriage counselor. Professional help can aid highlighting problem areas in your marriage that might have an effect on your sex life. Do what you can. It’s worth the work.

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