A London double-decker bus has burst into flames in a spectacular fireball on the streets of South London. 

Passengers and the driver of the bus fled for their lives after it was engulfed in roaring flames with black smoke bellowing from the double-decker in Brixton.

One witness posted an image on Twitter, accompanied by the caption: ‘Well this is frightening!

The double-decker bus was seen engulfed in flames this morning

The double-decker bus was seen engulfed in flames this morning

The double-decker bus was seen engulfed in flames this morning 

‘Bus in Brixton pulled into the stop and promptly caught on fire. Huge flames & crashing as bits of it were burned off.’

It’s not clear how many people were on the double-decker bus when it burst into flames.

London Fire Brigade confirmed to MailOnline that a team rushed to the site of the fire on Christchurch Road, after receiving a call around 9.50 on Friday morning. 

 They said in a statement: ‘Firefighters were called to a bus alight on Christchurch Road in Streatham Hill.

‘Part of a double decker bus was damaged by fire. The driver and passengers left the bus before the Brigade arrived. There were no reports of any injuries.

‘The Brigade’s 999 Control Officers took 19 calls to the blaze.

‘The Brigade was called at 0950 and the fire was under control by 1022. One fire engine from Brixton Fire Station attended the scene.’

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