Hayfever Pollen Forecast UK

The most specific count on offer. Broken down into the many forms of tree, grass and weed pollen, this app offers a five-day forecast, longer than most of its rivals. Not borough-specific. Free for Android and iPhone.

Benadryl Social Pollen Count

Borough-specific pollen counts, with the ability to pin warnings to the map and help other sufferers know where to avoid. Offers morning alerts to warn of high counts in your chosen hotspots. Free for Android.

BBC Weather

Though it’s the thinnest on the ground in terms of pollen information, BBC Weather is the most fun to use. It only offers a general pollen count and provides a five-day forecast. Borough-specific. Free for Android and iPhone.

Pollen Forecast UK

Today and tomorrow’s count is easy to see on a funky animation and the national forecast is simple to read on a quick glance. Borough-specific. Free for Android and iPhone.


Three-day forecast and a simple look, Piri also specifies which type of pollen you’ll be affected by but only into the three main categories of tree, grass and weed. Not borough-specific. Free for Android.

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