Was Anna Kendrick Ex- Boyfriend Abusive? Anna Kendrick opened up about her long-term toxic relationship. Yes, Anna Kendrick had an abusive relationship in the past.

Kendrick is an actress and singer who began her acting career at a young age by performing in theater productions.

She has received numerous awards for her acting career, including a Satellite Award, five Teen Choice Awards, and three MTV Movie Awards.

She was among the youngest to be nominated for the “Triple Crown of Acting” as well. Her fans recognize her from roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 50/50 (2011), End of Watch (2012), and other films.

After the Actress broke the news while chatting with Dax Shepard for his podcast Armchair Expert, her fans have been curious to learn about it in detail. 

Read further to learn detailed information about her toxic relationship. This article will include everything you need to understand the top topic of discussion about the Actress.

Was Anna Kendrick Ex- Boyfriend Abusive?

May be he was abusive as  Kendrick did not reveal if it was her ex-boyfriend Ben Richardson that was abusing her, but she mentioned she was with him for six years.

Kendrick was with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman on the podcast Armchair Expert; during the chat, Alice opened up about having made embryos with her ex, who was “for all intents and purposes, my husband.”

She said that she was with him for six years and never realized it was an atoxic relationship; she always had this feeling about being with him, and everything that was going on was healthy.

Was Anna Kendrick Ex- Boyfriend Abusive
Anna Kendrick And Her Boyfriend Ben Richardson together while they were dating. (Source: Ecelebritymirror)

But until then, she realized sharing with her brother when things went sour; she said, ‘I’m living with a stranger. Like, I don’t know what’s happening.’”

Kendrick mentioned that she saw changes in him briefly; during that time, her partner revealed he had feelings for someone else. 

But still knowing that her partner had feeling for someone else, she continued trying to make the relationship work; they even tried couple therapy. 

The thing she was bothered by was not the relationship; she was afraid of being rejected by someone who had loved her for six years. 

Kendrick recalled how she was devastated by her life to deal with the relationship in hopes of what it could be if things were fixed.

She was always worried about being the wrong person in the relationship; she blamed herself and tried fixing it for a very long time, but it did not work out, and she realized it was a toxic relationship.

Anna Kendrick’s Relationship With Her Ex- Boyfriend Ben Richardson

Kendrick and Richardson started dating in February 2014.

The couple met after they were filming Drinking Buddies together. People have guessed that the toxic relationship was with Richardson, but she did not reveal the name in the podcast.

The couple was in a relationship till 2020, and they were together for six years. So Kendrick mentioned that she had been with the person for six years, so maybe she was identifying Ben Richardson.

They did not reveal the reason behind their breakup, and the question was raised after the podcast.

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader in were together in a movie named Noelle
Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader in were together in a movie named Noelle. (Source: Deadline)

At present, she is not in a relationship with anyone. But, after Richardson, she was with Actor Bill Hader, but they did not stay together for more than a year. Home 

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