Was Barry Douglas Death Accident Or Suicide?  Barry Douglas a forklift driver, 44, committed suicide after breaking both legs when he drunkenly broke into a lido at night and crashed into a barrier while going down a waterslide. Continue reading for more!

Was Barry Douglas Death Accident Or Suicide? Forklift Driver Injuries & What Happened Explained

Barry Douglas and his friend Claire Vickers had an accident and were seriously hurt at Aldershot Lido after sneaking in at 2 A.M early in the morning in August last year.

After sliding into a metal barrier at the bottom of a flume tube, the friends were left with broken legs and shattered feet and had to wait two hours for rescue.

Thereafter, The injuries sustained left Barry, unable to work as he could not drive, forcing him to move house.

Who Is Barry Douglas?

Mr. Barry Douglas was a forklift driver from Dundee. While alive on earth, he was a Glasgow Rangers fan and had been working as a forklift truck driver up until the time of his accident on the water slide.

Forklift Driver: Was Barry Douglas Death Accident Or Suicide?

According to reports, Barry and Claire is friend after drinking heavily, made the “impulsive” decision to break into Aldershot Lido.

When Barry and Claire went down the water slide, they collided with a steel barrier that was blocking the end, causing severe injuries and trapping them for two hours before they were rescued.

Medical attention was given to the two friends to help their injuries heal. However, It was discovered that, despite showing signs of recovery, Mr. Douglas committed suicide out of fear of being paralyzed by his injuries.

He was found to have hanged himself at his home studio flat in Aldershot, Hampshire, in February.

It Was said he suffered from low moods after being unable to return to his job as a forklift driver and was concerned about his finances after becoming reliant on disability benefits, according to a hearing at Winchester Coroner’s Court.

As per their ages, Barry was 44 years old while his friend Claire Vickers is 46.

Barry Douglas Alcohol And Drug Story

Douglas is said to have had a history of using recreational drugs, including cocaine and heroine, according to the inquest.

He also had a brief drug dealing history and was stabbed in 2011, according to the inquest.

According to the inquest, Barry developed a “low mood” and was known to consume 500ml-1L of vodka per day.

Following his lido accident, his GP informed the hearing that he had been prescribed antidepressants.

More On Mr Barry Douglas Death

He was forced to move into supported housing after the incident because he was wheelchair-bound during his recovery, and the inquest heard he began experiencing ‘low mood’.

Following the incident, his GP told the inquest, he was prescribed antidepressants, and his mother said he was ‘desperate’ to return to work.

Mr Douglas’ mother Ruth said in a statement, ‘The accident didn’t help his frame of mind, but he didn’t say he was depressed to me.’

‘He complained about the cold in his flat, so I invited him to return to Scotland, but he refused because he was independent.’

A post-mortem examination determined that his medical cause of death was hanging, and a toxicology report analyzing his blood samples revealed that Mr Douglas had alcohol in his system at 4.3 times the legal limit.

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