Was Lowell Melser Fired From WBAL After 25 Years? People are curious to know why he is leaving the show.

Lowell Melser is a meteorologist who joined WBAL-TV 11 News in February 2004. Melser was on the team as a general assignment reporter and was serving as the new anchor recently.

After joining WBAL for more than three years received a Broadcast Meteorology Degree from Mississippi State University.

Also, before WBAL, he was an associate producer for radio broadcasts for the Washington Redskins. Many people familiar with WBAL have known him for a long time.

So, after he broke the news about leaving WBAL, people were curious to learn more reason behind it. 

Where Is Lowell Melser Going After Leaving WBAL? New Job

Melser annouched of leaving WBAL on January 15 via his Facebook account, and he mentioned that he would be reporting to WBAL.

It has been 20 years, and he mentioned it is hard for him to continue this for a long time; working in the same field for a long time might be a mental drain.

Was Lowell Melser Fired From WBAL? New Job And More Details
Lowell Melser shares the news about leaving via Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

Melser mentioned he was to take a break from reporting, so he might only go somewhere for reporting sometime soon.

He is taking a break from his job as an anchor, but he will be involved in a new job. He mentioned in his post that he had accepted a new position in Greater Baltimore Area.

Melser has accepted a new job and his new career as the chief public information officer for The Department of Public Works of Baltimore County; he also mentioned this job would tap his meteorology expertise.

Melser attended his last day on the air at WBAL-TV on January 15 with his family and colleagues to do his previous weathercast. 

He will not be present on television as an anchor or report; he will remain connected with the public with his social media account.

Many audience members have accepted that he will be joining a new job, but many want to see him in WBAL.

People have loved his way of storytelling and his energy at work, so many people are sad about him leaving WBAL.

Was Lowell Melser Fired From WBAL After 25 Years?

No, he was not fired. Melser chose to leave as a reporter and start a new career path.

Melser decided to leave the show after he took new job opportunities. He mentioned General Assignment is a hard job to be for 25 years.

Lowell Melser says farewell after more than 25 years
Lowell Melser says farewell after more than 25 years. (Source: WBAL-TV)

Melser said he is grateful for all those years in the show and the opportunities he received from WBAL.

Also, he is ready to accept the challenges he will face as chief public information officer, not only general assignments; every job is challenging at some point.

But he is happy about the decision he has made for himself, and he thanks everyone on the team of WBAL for being significant to him.

Additionally, he celebrated his last day on WBAL with his family and friends, and the show was on January 15, 2023.

And, the WBAL community has not mentioned who will be taking Lowell’s place; we will get to see it maybe on the next show soon.

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