What Did Shanquella Robinson Autopsy Report Say? On social media, a disturbing video of Shanquella Robinson being attacked by a friend has gone viral. What is the backstory to her murder?

Shanquella was a successful entrepreneur. She had six Instagram posts and 14.8K followers at the time.

Shanquella was born in the United States in 1997 and is 25 years old. In terms of her parents, Salamandra Robinson conceived her. Her father and siblings’ names are unknown.

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Shanquella Robinson Beaten Up By Her Friend To Death

Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death by one of her friends. The resident of Charlotte was traveling to Mexico with three companions on October 28.

Just 24 hours after the group reached their destination, the 24-year-old passed away. The cause of Shanquella Robinson’s death was revealed to be alcohol consumption.

However, a horrifying video depicts Shanquella Robinson being beaten repeatedly while naked in a room. Another of her companions is said to have videotaped the vicious assault at a Cabo villa.

Shanquella Robinson Beaten
A video of Shanquella Robinson getting beaten by her friend is going viral on social media. (Source: MEAWW)

And so the disturbing video of Shanquella Robinson being attacked by a friend has gone viral on social media.

The victim was on the ground at one point, and it looked like other pals were standing by the attacker. A man recording the incident said, “At least fight back.”

Many online users sought justice for the businesswoman from North Carolina after the frightening footage was released on social media sites.

This is wicked, one Twitter user remarked. Another person said, “That’s disturbing, and I hope the family gets justice.”

“It’s so awful how people would secretly despise you and start planning against you,” someone wrote.

She was invited because they previously had this planned, but after arriving, she passed just 24 hours later. No way.”

What Did Shanquella Robinson Autopsy Report Say? Murder Case

Shanquella’s autopsy report has been published, and it clearly shows that the Charlotte resident died of a broken neck & cracked cord.

She had a fractured spinal cord. She cracked and experienced a back spasm; her parents, Salamondra and Bernard, made this information available.

According to her family, their daughter was murdered. The memorial service is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

People who knew her expressed their sincere sympathy for her family. There are a lot of people that shared this incident grief.

The viral video of her getting beaten on social media also proves she died by murder and not excessive alcohol consumption.

Mexican government institutions are seriously looking into this case as a video has gone viral on social media.

According to the footage, she was brutally beaten. That is also stated in the autopsy report. Her friends, however, informed her that she had died from alcohol poisoning.

After the Mexican Police publish their investigation report, more information will become available.

Numerous pieces of evidence, including video, have been gathered. According to Robinson’s relatives, she was assaulted. Home 

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