What Does Chris Smith Tattoo Mean?

What Does Chris Smith Tattoo Mean? After the passing of NFL defensive lineman Chris Smith, fans worldwide have shown a keen interest in discovering the significance and symbolism behind his tattoos.

Chris Smith was a renowned American football player who played as a defensive end in the National Football League (NFL).

Sources indicate that the late athlete was born in Mount Ulla, North Carolina, and attended West Rowan High School before playing college football at the University of Arkansas.

Unfortunately, Chris Smith suffered a tragic loss in 2019 when his girlfriend passed away in a car accident. On April 17, 2023, he too passed away.

Since his passing, many people have become intrigued with learning more about the meanings and designs of Chris Smith’s tattoos. Therefore, let’s delve deeper into the trending headlines surrounding the late NFL superstar and his tattoo designs.

Chris Smith Tattoo: Their Design And Meanings

Chris Smith’s tattoos held a deeper significance than mere markings on his skin. Sources have revealed that each tattoo represented a moment or person in his life, and had a unique story and meaning.

One of the most notable tattoos on his body was a portrait of his mother, who passed away from cancer when he was only 10 years old.

In addition, People magazine reported that Chris Smith and his girlfriend Petara Cordero had matching tattoos of the words “Stay Strong” on their chests. Smith had posted on Instagram that he and his loved ones had gotten the same tattoo as a tribute to Cordero, who had passed away on September 11, 2019, after being hit by a car on I-90 West in Cleveland.

The unfortunate incident occurred when Smith and Cordero had exited their vehicle due to a tire blowout. Cordero was just 26 years old at the time of her passing.

Late Chris Smith tattoos
Late Chris Smith’s Girlfriend Passed Away In 2019. (Source: New York Post)

In addition to the matching “Stay Strong” tattoos, Chris Smith also paid tribute to Petara Cordero by wearing special Nike cleats during a Browns game against the New York Jets just five days after her passing. The cleats had the words “Stay Strong” written in orange, and were a heartfelt gesture to honor Cordero’s memory.

Smith also shared a photo on social media of Cordero wearing a Browns jersey, along with their daughter Haven Harris Smith in a Browns onesie. The caption read “My W H Y… #staystrong”.

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, Smith explained that he chose to play in the game because he knew it was what Cordero would have wanted him to do.

According to analytics, the late athlete had another significant tattoo related to his profession, representing his dedication to his career through both the highs and lows.

However, further details on Chris Smith’s tattoos are still being uncovered, but the process is complicated due to his untimely passing.

The Death Of NFL Defensive End Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a former NFL defensive end who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Cleveland Browns.

In September 2019, Smith’s girlfriend, Petara Cordero, died in a car accident.

As per reports, Cordero and Smith were driving on the I-90 highway in Cleveland when their car had a tire malfunction and hit a median.

Smith was devastated & broken by the loss of his girlfriend. However, he continued to play football to honor her memory.

But according to an article on NFL.com, Smith passed away at 31 on April 18, 2023, with an unknown cause.

Late Chris Smith tattoos
Tribute To The Great Chris Smith. (Source: Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding Chris’ death are not yet known, & details are yet to be dug out.

Following the news of his passing, the Browns released a statement expressing their condolences and remembering Smith.

Many others in the NFL community also expressed their sadness and condolences on social media, including several former NFL legends.

Overall, Chris Smith’s passing is a tragic loss for the NFL community, and he will be remembered for his contributions and kindness off the field.

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