What Illness Did Art Laboe Have Before Death?  Art Laboe, a well-known Los Angeles radio DJ, died on Friday. For many years, he was best known as the host of “Oldies but Goodies.” Continue reading to find out about his illness, how Art Laboe died, what happened to him, and what caused his death.

What Illness Did Art Laboe Have Before Death? Obituary And Bio Details    

Art Laboe died at the age of 97. He was a radio pioneer who delivered moving song dedications to generations of devoted listeners. Throughout his illustrious eight-decade career, he was also recognized for his contribution to the abolition of segregation in Southern California.

Who was Art Laboe? Bio Details 

On August 7, 1925, Art Labeo was born in Salt Lake City as Art Egnoian. He served in the Navy during World War II and made his radio debut in 1955, when rock ‘n’ roll was in its prime, on a Los Angeles station. Since the middle of 1940, he had been a DJ, with stops in San Francisco and Palm Springs.

He first called KXLA-AM (now KRLA) in Los Angeles home. From 12 o’clock until 4 a.m., Laboe performed live remote concerts at a nearby drive-in restaurant. He accepted requests and gained a following among the late-night audience. Later, Laboe switched the KPOP show to an after-school time slot.

This contributed to his popularity among the young people gathered at the Sunset and Cahuenga intersection. Then Laboe began holding a series of packed dance events in El Monte, an area east of Los Angeles.

The events turned into a cross-cultural blockbuster in the melting pot of Los Angeles since he routinely spun music by white, Latino, and Black performers. He also assembled a run of Oldies but Goodies LPs including a variety of musicians, which did incredibly well commercially.

Laboe had a renowned career that lasted for more than eight decades. On October 9, 2022, his farewell programme was broadcast. It was created this week. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he has a star. The Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame likewise keeps a permanent Laboe exhibit.

What Illness Did Art Laboe Have Before Death? 

Art Laboe passed away following a brief episode with pneumonia, according to his official Twitter account. The symptoms of pneumonia include coughing up phlegm or pus, having a fever and chills, and having trouble breathing. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that causes the air sacs to swell and become filled with fluid or pus. Laboe had reached the age of 97. Because of this, a briefcase of pneumonia that would have normally been properly managed ended up becoming fatal. Since Laboe had just finished recording his final show, it is assumed that he was healthy and in good shape before contracting the virus. No one anticipated that it would be the legend’s final appearance in a recording studio.

Art Laboe Obituary 

Art Laboe died on Friday night from pneumonia at his home in Palm Springs, California, according to Joanna Morones, a representative for Laboe’s production company, Dart Entertainment.

Art Laboe’s arrangements are still being finalized. His funeral, visitation, and burial have not yet been scheduled by his family. As soon as his family makes the information public, we’ll update this area.

For the late Radio Jockey and DJ who drew the crowd together from the L.A. radio community and around the world, tributes have poured in.

For his work on the radio, Oldie but Goodies, and everything else he did for the public, Art Laboe will live on in infamy. We extend our sincere sympathies to his family. May God grant him eternal peace.

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