Who Did Owen Hunt Sleep With?  Grey’s Anatomy fans have been wondering who cheated on Christian and why.

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that premiered on ABC on March 27, 2005 and has since become one of the longest-running dramas.

People eagerly await new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy every week. This is about the lives of interns who eventually become doctors.


Who Did Owen Hunt Sleep With? Cheating Scandal Explored

In season 17, Owen Cheated on Christina in Grey’s Anatomy. People were sending positive responses after the primer, with more negative comments. 

Christina and Owen fall in love at first sight, and people love the chemistry between them; Owen builds a diffrent personality after being with Christian; he chooses Christina over Teddy at the time. 

Owen always wanted to have a big family, were as Christina did not want to have a baby. When she finds out, she is pregnant with Hunt’s baby, she decides to do an abortion. When Owen found out, she decided to abort the baby, and he started ignoring her and was in contactless. 

But after some time, he found out she had not had an abortion till now, and he decided to talk to her. But Christian wanted to abort, so they both went together and aborted the baby. 

Then, he started cheating with diffrent people. He was not happy with the decision Christian made. Owen cheated on one of his patient’s friends and hooked up with her. Then, he decided to talk with Teddy, and he cheated on Christian with Teddy too. 

He was in contact with Amelia and hooked up with her. Christian was worried about how he was acting, so she begged him to talk with her, then Owen decided to tell all the details about how he cheated and why.

Thus, the season ended with how Owen tells everything to Christian, and the upcoming season will let you know what Christian did to Owen. 

Dating and Relationship History of Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy

Everyone loves Kevin’s performance in Grey’s Anatomy; people have always loved his role as Owen Hunt. 

He has been in relationships with diffrent girls; he cheated on his first wife, Christian Yang. They were married in 2010 and divorced in 2013; everyone loved them as a couple.

Amelia Shepherd was his second wife; he got married in 2016, but they decided to get divorced in 2017; it was never a happy relationship.

Teddy Altman was the girl he cheated on his ex-wife, they got married in a recent episode in 2021, and they look happy together.

Teddy and Owen have two children together, Leo Hunt is the adopted son, and Allison Hunt is the daughter of them together. 

Who Did Owen Hunt Sleep With? Cheating Scandal Explored
Owen Hunt and Teddy during the shoot. Image Source: Entertainment

Relationship Status in the real life of Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt, whose real name is Kevin McKidd, has been married two times in his real life. He was married to Jane Parker in 1999, and they were happily married for 16 years, then the couple divorced in 2016. 

Jane Parker and Kevin have two children, a non-binary child, and a son. They have not revealed the information about their children. 

Kevin is married to Arielle Goldrath presently; they shared their vows on January 13, 2018. The couple has two children and welcomed their son Aiden in May 2018. Their second child, Nava, was born in the year 2019. 

The couple seems to have a good relationship and is a happy family. Home 

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