Who Is Michael Holmes Wife Teresa? A herd of cows trampled Michael Holmes and his wife, Teresa Holmes, during a midday walk in lockdown. Mr. Holmes died on the spot, but Mrs. Holmes was paralyzed.

Michael Holmes, 57, and his wife were killed in a tragic accident near their home on Hollinghirst Lane in Netherton, West Yorkshire.

In today’s short article, we’ll take a closer look at the incident. Continue reading to learn more about the Holmes’ children and marital life.

Michael Holmes Death And Obituary

As stated above, Michael Holmes passed away after cows trampled him during the pandemic walk.

During the global pandemic, the Holmes couple worked from home and took daily walks as part of their routine. The married duo used the same route regularly, which usually took half an hour.

On 29 September 2020, the lovebirds went for a walk with their daughter’s two dogs.

Michael Holmes death
Michael Holmes with his wife, Teresa Holmes. (Image Source: The Guardian)

As seen on CCTV footage from a nearby property, cows approached the duo from behind and attacked.

Michael Holmes died on the spot after sustaining severe chest injuries. The dogs that they were walking to managed to escape the scene.

Who Is Michael Holmes Wife Teresa?

Although Teresa Holmes is alive, she suffered a spinal cord injury and damaged ribs. As a result, she spent six months in the hospital.

Teresa has been a wheelchair user since the incident.

Mrs. Holmes told the inquest that she couldn’t recollect the incident, and her daughters had to break the tragic news of Michael’s demise.

The devastated spouse of the telecom worker said it was very traumatic and isolating for her.

Mrs. Holmes said that she and her husband knew cattle were present in the field off Hollinghirst Lane “sometimes.” However, the steep hill prevented them from seeing them on that particular day.

Michael Holmes Death
The field off Hollinghirst Lane near Wakefield. (Image Source: BBC)

There should be a notice that reads, “There are cattle with calves, Teresa said. She continued they would not have entered if that had been the case.

The inquest heard testimony from two walkers who cows had chased in the same field nearly four months before Michael’s demise.

Martin Mitchell, the farm’s owner, said he had not heard of any issues with his cattle being “violent” but that cows with calves did not get along well with dogs because they “view a dog as a predator.”

Mitchell said he had submitted proposals suggesting route change to Wakefield council after the tragic incident.

Michael And Teresa Had Been Together For 34 Years

Michael Holmes and His wife, Teresa Holmes, were reportedly childhood sweethearts. They had been married for 34 years.

The married duo enjoyed walking during the lockdown. The adorable couple hadn’t imagined such a tragedy would strike that day.

The smitten pair also shared a few daughters. Sadly the Holmes couple’s time together was cut short due to the fatality.

It must have been hard for the Holmes family to accept the sudden death of Michael. Hopefully, they are doing well now. Home

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