5 Exercises a Trainer Recommends Most for a Total Lower Belly Transformation – If you’re trying to “target” your belly, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and re-think your approach. Spot reduction, or targeting one area of your body, in particular, is a myth. You can sculpt a stronger core, increase how intense your exercises are, and clean up your eating habits if you want to lose weight, but all of these things will impact your body as a whole, not just losing fat in your belly (or another body part). We consulted with a fitness pro, Tonal coach Ash Wilking, who breaks down some of the best exercises for your lower belly. Get ready to totally transform your midsection!

All that being said, Wilking explains she loves chatting about core exercises, because the core has a massive impact on all areas of daily movement. “Here are five moves you’ll find in my SUPER CORE SHREDDER & Rock Solid Abs HIIT workouts that incorporate resistance training to target the core and add a metabolic challenge which is proven to help with fat loss,” she explains. “I’ve pieced these into a workout of their own! Timers are your best friend in a HIIT workout (especially if you don’t have a Tonal counting your reps).”

As always, make sure to warm up before starting your workout. All of the below moves can be performed in a Tonal or at a cable machine at your local gym. For each exercise, perform three sets of 30 seconds working, 15 seconds of rest. Break for 45 seconds between sets.

Keep reading to learn all about Wilking’s top-recommended exercises for your lower belly.

5 Exercises a Trainer Recommends Most for a Total Lower Belly Transformation
Courtesy of Tonal

“Any time you’re able to incorporate multiple muscle groups in a movement, you’re guaranteed to crank up the intensity! By incorporating an isometric hold with the lower body, you immediately increase the heart rate with minimal impact or jumping,” Wilking explains. “The anti-rotation and multi-joint elements of this movement [make it] a great full-body exercise to kick off this circuit. Prepping you for more dynamic moves to follow.”

To set up for the ISO split squat Pallof press, assume a half-kneeling position with your inside leg placed on the ground in front of you and your outside knee planted on a workout mat. Raise your back knee so it’s hovering above the floor. Grab onto the resistance/handle with both hands, positioning them in front and in the center of your chest. Your arms should be bent. Press the handle away from your body, making sure your arms remain centered between your shoulders. Don’t move your lower body as you rotate your torso just a bit over your front leg. Using control, bring the handle back, and bend your elbows. Perform the same series of motions on both sides. If you don’t have access to a Tonal, you can complete this move without the rotation over your front leg.

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5 Exercises a Trainer Recommends Most for a Total Lower Belly Transformation
Courtesy of Tonal

This exercise will really work your core and obliques from a standing position. If you were to complete this move from a half-kneeling position, you will create more stability. “Standing creates an element of movement that the pelvic floor and core muscle work to eliminate,” Wilking says. “This is a sneaky one!”

For the standing chop (rotation), assume an athletic stance, keeping the resistance at your side overhead. Extend your arms at an upward angle without moving your hips and keeping them square. “Bracing through your core, rotate the resistance down and across your body like you’re putting on a seatbelt,” Wilking instructs. “Rotating only at the torso, control the weight back to the starting position. Complete exercise on both sides.”

pullover crunch
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“Let’s take it to the floor and put our focus on anti-extension (aka hollow body),” Wilking says. “You’ll notice I only have one exercise that targets the anterior part of the core because we tend to favor exercises that do exactly that! Think crunches, leg lowers, Deadbug, etc. This move is TOUGH. Upper body overhead pull and lower body hip flexor strength all meet in the middle for one #ashwhoopin exercise.”

To get started, lie down flat on your back so your legs assume a tabletop position and your arms are extended straight above your chest, holding the resistance. Next, at the same time, extend your legs, and pull your arms overhead. Then, using control, bring your knees toward your chest and your arms to your sides.

suitcase march
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“Anti-lateral flexion, hip flexion, and extension,” Wilking exclaims. “In not gym-jargon: You’ll challenge your body’s ability to withstand load on one side all while balancing on one leg then switching to the other. Obliques and glutes!”

Set up for the suitcase march by standing with the resistance at the side of your body. Utilize your core strength to press one of your knees up toward your chest. Wrapping up with high knees, this marching position ensures your torso is tall and prevents the weight from veering your body to the side. Use control as you alternate legs. Perform this exercise on both sides.

rotational lift
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The last of the exercises for your lower belly on this list is the rotational lift, which is one of Wilking’s favorites. “The rotational lift complements our standing chop and is an excellent exercise to improve rotational power while supercharging your core and elevating your heart rate,” she explains. “The rotation in the pelvis engages [the] inner and outer thighs and extension overhead adds bonus work for your shoulders, chest, and back.”

To begin, assume an athletic stance with the resistance positioned low and by your side. Move your body weight to your side leg, and hold onto the rope with your thumbs touching the spheres. “In one swift movement pivot your inside foot against the floor rotating your pelvis to shift your weight to the outside leg. Simultaneously pulling the rope across your midline and toward the ceiling line you’re making half of an ‘X.’ With control, reverse the movement and return to the starting position,” Wilking instructs.

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