Iodine is essential for our health and well-being, here are 5 common sources of iodine and why you need it in your diet.

If you were ever wondering why you should include iodine in your diet, you will find out now. Iodine can be termed as an essential chemical element that is required to produce thyroid hormones that ensure the regulation of metabolism and growth. If a diet lacks iodine, individuals could be exposed to the risk of restricted brain development especially in children (cretinism), mental illness, cholesterol problems, lethargy, depression, fatigue, and weight. However, it is also important to note that too much iodine could also result in hypothyroidism a condition where the body is deficient in the thyroid hormone.

Here are some sources of iodine and how it benefits you:


Potatoes are a great source of iodine that is very commonly found and is cheap. When baked or cooked with its skin on a potato can supply you with 60/mcg of iodine. Any type of potatoes are fine but it is best to consume organic potatoes as they are a better source of iodine.

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Himalayan crystal salt

This salt is also referred to as gray salt, is a rich source of iodine. While almost all types of table salt are rich in iodine, they normally lose their innate minerals due to the amount of processing it goes through. On the other hand, organic and unprocessed Himalayan salt contains around 500 mcg of iodine.


This fruit has antioxidant properties and is a rich source of iodine. It is a fact that around 4 ounces of cranberries contain around 400/mcg of iodine. To fulfill your daily iodine intake have some fresh berries or just enjoy a glassful of fresh juice. If the juice is store-bought, make sure you check for the amount of sugar added to the juice to help you stay healthy.

Haricot beans or Navy beans

Beans are a rich source of iodine but Navy beans are the best kind. Around half a cup of navy beans has about 32/mcg of iodine. But apart from iodine these beans also contain a high amount of fiber.

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Kelp or seaweed

The ocean provides us with the single largest source of iodine-rich food like kelp and other seaweeds. Kelp has the highest content of iodine among all the other foods with one serving offering 4 times the amount of what you should be consuming in a day. You can add them to a soup or salad for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Here’s why you need iodine in your daily diet

Regularises your metabolic rate

Iodine strongly influences how the thyroid glands function by helping produce hormones that control a person’s metabolic rate. Metabolism has a direct bearing on how efficiently the body’s organs work with regard to food absorption, sleep cycles, and transforming food into energy.

Increases energy levels

Iodine plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the body’s energy levels remain high by effectively utilizing calories, without allowing them to be stored as excess fats.

Ensure healthy hair, nails, and teeth

Another major health benefit associated with iodine includes healthy and supple skin, luscious hair, and stronger teeth. Iodine can be used to ensure good hair care because a lack of iodine usually results in hair loss. Also, iodine helps speed up hair growth and follicle strength.

Keeps your reproductive system healthy

Iodine is useful for the growth and maturity of reproductive organs. In fact, iodine is essential for pregnant women as it helps prevent stillbirths and neurocognitive conditions in newborn babies. It should also be noted that iodine ensures proper growth and movement, as well as better hearing and speech abilities. A deficiency in iodine does not only affect a baby’s health but could also make a woman infertile.

Prevents cancer

The most health benefit of iodine is the fact that it has certain anti-cancer properties. In fact, cancer cells have known to shrink once they have been injected with a good dose of iodine. This is especially true in the case of breast cancer.

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