6 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast – Are you ready to start your day? One essential step in your skincare routine is to address dark circles you may have under your eyes. This area of your face can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, whether we’re talking about dark circles, bags, or fine lines and creases.

Note that circles under your eyes will not go away quickly simply by using a topical treatment, explains Dr. Blair Murphy Rose, MD, FAAD. “The one cause of undereye circles that can respond quickly to a home remedy is vascular congestion AKA fluid accumulation and dilated blood vessels that can appear as mild swelling.” This is what home remedies can address.

We are here today with some of the best home remedies to get rid of dark circles fast because skincare products can be downright expensive! And why head out on an unnecessary shopping trip when you may have products that will do the trick right in your very own home? We chatted with Dr. Rose and Dr. Brendan Camp, MD to get their tips on the best home remedies to lessen the appearance of dark circles. All you need to do next is test out these home remedies to get rid of dark circles for yourself, and stick with the step that works best for you. Keep reading to learn more, and when you’re done, don’t miss out on “You Need to Buy This”: People Are Upgrading Their Showerheads for Better Skin & Hair.

green tea bags in box

Green tea isn’t just soothing for sipping. As a matter of fact, this healthy item in your pantry can also help relieve your dark circles! “Topical caffeine induces vasoconstriction of blood vessels, causing blood to flow away from the area and thereby decreasing fluid under the eyes,” Dr. Rose explains. “For dark circles caused by vasocongestion, caffeine can help to improve the undereye appearance and puffiness. Green tea is also calming.”

Just use them as you would a warm compress! (But make sure you set them aside first to cool down a bit.) Place one on each closed eye for approximately 15 minutes.

Coffee ice cubes ready for iced coffee

This may sound like a tasty treat, but you can also use it to calm down undereye circles. “Caffeine-filled ice cubes can reduce undereye bags by reducing fluid under the eyes,” Dr. Murphy Rose says. “The cold temperature also reduces puffiness.”

So if you’re not going to drink the rest of the coffee you made in the a.m., consider whipping up some coffee ice cubes. “Coffee ice cubes can be used as compresses to
reduce swelling and discoloration related to dilated vessels,” explains Dr. Camp.

cold spoon

Another dark circle hack? According to Dr. Camp, keeping two spoons chilled in the fridge or freezer is an excellent way to treat your dark puffy eye circles. “The cold temperature of the spoon will help constrict superficial
blood vessels, which lessens swelling and the appearance of dark
circles caused by dilated vessels, which contribute a blue/purple
color to the skin of the lower eyelids,” Dr. Camp tells us.

Simply slide each cold spoon gently under your eyes as you would with a jade roller or gua sha. This can help with lymphatic drainage. Or, Dr. Murphy Rose says you can refrigerate the spoon for 10 minutes, then place it under the eye to alleviate puffiness and vascular congestion.

woman cucumber slices on eyes

Create your own spa aesthetic at home with some cold, fresh cucumber slices. “Cucumbers pulled out of the refrigerator provide a similar effect to
chilled spoons in that they constrict blood vessels,” Dr. Camp points out. “Additionally,
they are anti-inflammatory and contain a high water content, which
hydrates the skin.”

couple sleeping

Your bed setup can impact how your eyes look the next morning! Dr. Camp suggests sleeping on more than one pillow. “[This] will keep your head more elevated
overnight,” Dr. Camp says. “This may help lessen lower eyelid swelling in the morning
by preventing the accumulation of fluids that might otherwise pool in
the lower eyelid area and accentuate the appearance of dark circles.”

6 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast

Put those extra potatoes you bought to good use by slicing them up and using them to soothe your dark circles. “Potato slices provide anti-inflammatory and astringent properties,” Dr. Camp points out. “An
enzyme in potatoes called catecholase, which is the enzyme that causes
bruised fruit to turn brown, acts as an anti-inflammatory. The
astringent quality of potatoes helps draw out extra fluid and tighten

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